Designed with the groundbreaking style from Pogba, the new collection adidas x Pogba Season One is a limited edition inspired in fashion and the hip-hop culture, and includes accessories, sneakers and clothing for both inside and outside the pitch.


Control Fit adjustment offers a compressive but comfortable sensation inside the boot. Primecut is also present under the anke and a solid but flexible TPU in the external instep part will provide us with the stability necessary to develop your game even without shoelaces.

Here we can find one of the most noticeable innovations. Highly acclaimed Boost tecnhonolgy (as seen on the models from the brand) becomes protagonist, providing optimal comfort and cushioning to this model. Sprintframe for heel support, and conical studs that don't compromise quick turns during gameplay.

The Primeknit is still present in this model, but on this occasion it will only be found at the toetip. Thanks to its elasticity , it provides a personalized adjustment. The rest of the upper is now manufactured in Controlskin material. All of it is insulated so it doesn't absorb humidity or loose grip, thanks to the Non Stop Grip technology.

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