Pedri Gonzalez

Pedri Gonzalez

The boots of
Pedri Gonzalez

FC Barcelona

Pedri makes the most intrepid passes, changes of direction, turns and plays and for this he needed very strong stability from his boots. For this, Adidas provides its boots with a very stable sole, with semi-conical studs, which help to have that sensation of comfort in each step that Pedri makes with his Adidas Copa Sense. A very comfortable boot that fits the new ball wizard Pedri like a glove.

The quality of the midfielder from the Canary Islands needed boots to his height and for that reason, what better than seeing him with the Adidas Copa Sense silo with the most touch. Pedri has chosen this silo since his beginnings in football, always preferring the option without laces as they are more comfortable and give him more contact surface with the ball. The natural leather of the front ends up giving the FC Barcelona player the perfect touch that characterizes him so much.

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