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SP Fútbol Serendipity Pro Black Glove

Black reference no.. SP18.006
Prices will show up in British Pounds throughout the entire process. The final payment, however, will be made in EUROS: 59.95 €

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Serendipity Pro Black glove

It's a lucky day for classic goalkeeper glove fans. SP Futbol includes in its catalogue a timeless line called Serendipity. This is a very close-fitted glove, with a negative cut and a white decoration. "Serendipity" means a valuable and unexpected discovery that happens in an accidental way while looking for something else. SP Futbol has called this line Serendipity because during your flashy glove research you'll find this elegant glove that will seduce you from the very first moment.

Gigagrip (GG) latex with the maximum adherence by the brand SP Futbol assembled over a negative cut. Thumb wrap included.
Breathable textile body with a natural German segmented latex for an easy adjustment.
Elastic band with a helping strap to put on the glove. Natural latex closure strap with a Velcro closure.
Professional-level competition glove for those goalkeepers looking for classic sensation and a mid/high sturdiness.

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