The boots of Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus F.C.
Cristiano Ronaldo has made every single step foward in his outstanding career, back from his early beginnings to his world class entitlement, wearing Nike football boots. The deal between the portuguese star and the american brand is an example of loyalty and success throughout their entire relationship. After wearing the highly acclaimed model Mercurial Vapor for a sustained period of time, this year Cristiano has switched to a compelling evolution from this model: the Mercurial Superfly
With the latest release from the brand, Nike has incorporated part of the technology used in the running shoes. This new feature works like a charm along with the extraordinary Cristiano Ronaldo's physical condition.

Cristiano is well known for his explosive speed and his unrivalled power displayed with every move on the pitch. To surpass his opponents, slip his marker or hit the ball with the ultimate power exhibited by Ronaldo, the Juventus star and Portugal national team captain needs a pair of boots that can live up to such a demanding game style, that can give enough support in the continuous and vigorous accelerations, decelerations and changes of pace and/or direction that are typical from this player. The agressive stud layout, along with the upper technologies and materials provide Cristiano with the ultimate attacking tool, geared for the speedsters.

The Flyknit material stands out, and provides this lightweight boot with an unequalled adjustment to the foot. Thanks to its elastic properties, it adapts entirely to our foot within minutes. To complete the set, the -perfect partner- carbon fiber reactive soleplate, an elite material that has widely demonstrated its stability and lightness in such sports as Formula 1 or tennis.

The ACC "All Conditions Control" finish, enhances the boot comfortability and isolates the foot from any adverse weather condition. Finally, a Nikeskin layer allows the Mercurial Superfly to provide a great grip with the ball at all times.

Below you will be able to enjoy all the Mercurial football boots that have been worn by Cristiano Ronaldo, in the different colourways available, so you can choose the one that adapts the most to your personal likings and fits your needs.

The boots formerly worn by Cristiano Ronaldo

Season 2015-16