The boots of Robert Lewandowski

Bayern de Múnich
He's one of the forwards of the moment and he demonstrates so each weekend with Germany's most important club, the Bayern Munich. Lewandowski is one of those classic forwards, an area killer, a complete forward, skilled with his feet and lethal in stopped-ball actions.

During his career we've seen him competing with two boot models and, as soon as we mention them, you'll perfectly understand why the boot change. They are the Nike Total 90 Laser and the Nike Hypervenom Phantom boots. The reason is quite simple. In 2013 Nike decided to dicontinue the T90 Laser line and bring up the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom. Almost all players of the line transitioned to Hypervenom, Lewandowski among them.

But, why Hypervenom? This change makes all the sense since the Hypervenom line has been developed for skilled and bold attack players who finish games like Lewandowski. Its last generation Flyknit upper offers the maximum comfort and the reactive foam of the inside step favours strikes.

The sole is also a very important element of this model since Nike has taken 2 years to finish it. Over it there's a peculiar stud distribution. In the inside lateral there are conical studs since this is one of the most important parts when rotating. In the outside lateral there are triangle studs since this area requires more traction in aggressive gameplays like dribbles or feints.

Here are the boots with which Robert Lewandowski competes.