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    Permanent discount

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    30 days for returns

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    Birthday gift

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    Exclusive experiencies

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  • 30-natural-day return policy
    From the moment your order is delivered

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You can become a Fútbol Emotion e-Club member by filling in our online request form, in our physical stores or via telephone. Once we receive your request, your member rate will be automatically activated and you'll benefit from all the discounts available.

The e-Club membership fee has a £4.30 (taxes included) cost renewable every year with which you can gain access to all its benefits. This cost is non-refundable. *the cost of the fee can vary according to different promotions.

The e-Club card is virtual and Will activate from the momento you add it to your basket.

The e-Club card is virtual and Will activate from the momento you add it to your basket.

It can be applied either in the website www.futbolemotion.com, by identifying yourself with your email address and password, via telephone or in any of our stores by showing your ID or indicating the email address with which you registered as a member.

You do not need to do anything else, when you access your account, all the prices you see will be updated with your e-Club rate. Remember that in order to be able to see these special prices, you must be logged in to your account in www.futbolemotion.gb.

You can make it directy online, log in with your e-mail and password. Once there, you can modify or update any data.

Once we receive your request by any of our means (online form, telephone or through a physical store), the rate will be automatically activated and you will be able to benefit from that very same moment from our discounts by showing your ID in our stores when making your purchase or by identifying yourself with your email address and password if you want to purchase at www.futbolemotion.com.

Verify if your mailbox could have included this message in the spam folder. If you can't find it there either, verify that your email address is spelt correctly by accessing your user profile . If everything is ok, you can still contact us by phone at +34 976 080 410. In any case, we recommend you to add the email address customerservice@futbolemotion.com in your address book or contacts to make sure that you will receive our communications in the future.

It's very easy, once you have requested becoming a member, a client profile will be created, you will be required then to enter a new password in the log in window to grant you access to your profile, so you can update your personal data and make online purchases. If you have any queries regarding the registration process, you can contact us by phone at +34 976 080 410 or via email at customerservice@futbolemotion.com.

This cost is non-refundable. If you become a member, when placing an order, and eventually return the goods, you will still remain an e-Club member for a one-year period, starting from the entry date, enjoying all of its benefits.

Discounts for partners are applicable in all our products, except for those affected by special promotions or specific services such as material customizations. The discount won't be applicable on products such as gift cards, nor be combined with discounts for bulky purchases. Fútbol Emotion reserves the right of applying a discount to the partner on certain items, such as on exclusive products or collectionist editions. The minimum purchase for free shipping may vary depending on the geographical area of destination. Being eligible to have access to the exclusive events for partners, doesn't guarantee the attendance to them.