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Our best pice, the Broto Team

Just like any football team, titles are achieved thanks to a great coach and the squad. At Fútbol Emotion, we have the best strikers, midfielders, defenses and,of course, goalkepers, a team we like to call "Team Broto". All of them playing a leading role in the nominations and awards received in the past few years. A true symptom of a well done job, a challenge accomplished that sets new barriers on the horizon to overcome in the future. Below, we make an overview of the most important prizes we have been awarded with.

2017 - 2018

  • eAwards 2018

  • Award granted by DHL in the Madrid eshow for being able of evolving from such a small establishment in Zaragoza to one of the largest companies selling sports gear in all Europe.

  • Cepyme 500 2018

  • We are now part of an exclusive group of 500 Spanish companies leading the entrepreneurial growth in Spain for the obtained results in 2017 as well as for generating added value, jobs, innovations and international repercussion.

Premios Fútbol Emotion 2018
Premios Fútbol Emotion 2017

2016 - 2017

  • Popai Awards Paris 2017

  • In the 2017 edition of the Popai Awards held in Paris, Fútbol Emotion won the first prize to the BEST CONNECTED STORE among 250 selling points from 10 contries.

  • Aragón en Red 2017 award

  • Awarded for being the best mobile app in Aragon in 2017. An award that recognizes the effort made by Fútbol Emotion to always be on the cutting edge on the e-commerce field.

  • Ecommerce Awards 2017 Finalists

  • We didn't make it in 2017, but we were nominated for the Best Mobile Strategy and Best Omnichanel Strategy, two of the areas that we are concerned about the most.

  • E-commerce Awards Zaragoza 2017

  • Awardede as the Best Online Store from Aragon by the E-commerce Tour jury, a congress organized by E-commerce news, reference media on Spain's e-commerce.

2015 - 2016

  • Aster Prize 2016

  • The prestigious business school ESIC recognized in 2016 Fútbol Emotion as the Best Entrepreneurial Company of the year, thanks to the continuous capacity of innovation throughout the years ever since it was created.

  • 3rd Best Webshop in Spain 2016

  • After being the best E-commerce Company related to the sports field in Spain in 2014 and 2015, we have been recognized as the third best Webshop in Spain in 2016.

  • Prize Aragón in Red 2016

  • The prestigious awards given out by Heraldo every year, where they recognized us like the best E-Commerce between hundreds of Aragonese companies that were aiming for this recognition.

  • 500.000 YouTube followers

  • Youtube is now on trend. However at Fútbol Emotion we have been creating YT content since 2010. Five years later, 100.000 people worldwide were following our channel, a figure that has done nothing but grow to complete the big community we are in the present day.

Premios Fútbol Emotion 2016
Premios Fútbol Emotion 2015

2014 - 2015

  • Ecommerce Awards 2015

  • We have been awarded for the second consecutive year with the best E-commerce site in the sports field in Spain, a milestone that had never been achieved before in the mentioned category. Starting from 2015, the awards are given without category concerns, although we also received recognition here for our job.

  • Aragón Virtual Stores 2015

  • We applied for the first time to the Virtual Aragonese stores fair and we made it to the top, in the Aragón Best Virtual Store 2015 and User Friendly Web 2015 categories.

2013 - 2014

  • Ecommerce Awards 2014

  • We applied for the first time to these national awards, and we were recognized as the best sports E-commerce company in Spain. One of the most important prizes in the E-commerce field.

Premios Fútbol Emotion 2014

An omnichannel web, where technology is the basis for growth

At Fútbol Emotion, we transfer the online experience to all of our selling channels, so our costumers can find a recognizable style on every platform and they can get in touch with us whatever their preferences are.

This way, e-commerce, app, physical stores, interactive screens, call center and social media are connected, creating a global experience for our customers.

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