Calle Alameda Dr Areilza, 4. 48011. Bilbao. Bizkaia

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  • Stop "San Mamés": L1, L2.


  • Stop "Sabino Arana".


  • Lines 26, 27, 38, 48, 56, 62, 72, 77, A3.

Bilbao is goalkeeper land and one of the places with the most football tradition we know of. In Fútbol Emotion we have been studying and developing for some years now, the project of placing a new store in Vizcaya, but we didn't want it to be just a regular store, but to give it the special treatment that such a city deserves.

And thus was born Fútbol Emotion Bilbao by Grupo Soloporteros. Those of you who know our shops will probably be very shocked when you see the new shop in Bilbao's Gran Via, specifically in Doctor Areilza 4. This new shop has more than 500 aquare meters and counts with an incredible design, huge photos and, obviously, a special area for the Athletic Club de Bilbao.

We needed to create a shop with this characteristics so it could be a Premium shop. Besides having the products you can find in FÚTBOL EMOTION'S website, for the first time, you will also find official replicas of the best clubs, so not just players but also football lovers will have a reason to come and visit our store.

Futbol Emotion's store in Bilbao is a mandatory visit for any football lover. Visit the most specialized football store in Spain with thousands of references in football and futsal boots, goalkeeper gloves, kits and accessories to practise your favourite sport.

In Fútbol Emotion Bilbao by Grupo Soloporteros you will be adviced by professionals specialized in football gear who will solve all of your doubts about the latest brand products, the stud types to play on different terrains and any other kind of gear-related query you may have.

We count with a gear customization area so you can personalize your boots, gloves or kits with the name you want, making your item unique.

If you need to make a gift, ask us about our gift cards with which you can give 50 or 100 euros away in material. An excellent way of making a gift without risking a mistake. If you just want to go for something smaller, you can get anyone to become a Fútbol Emotion club member for just 10€ per year and enjoy extra discounts, access to events and exclusive products only for club members.

Como to visit us at Alameda Dr Areilza 4, from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8.30pm*.