The boots of
Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United FC

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the reference figure for Nike football boots wherever he steps for more than 15 years, and he is already a historical figure of the swoosh brand. The CR7 boots have had an evolution as great as his marvelous career, starting with the Nike Mercurial boots in the short versions, in his time wearing the Manchester United jersey.


The Manchester United jersey is now the reference of the Portuguese star, who of course also carried the Nike symbol to the jersey of the Portuguese national team, combining it perfectly with goals, assists and titles for the Portuguese. But if there is a reason why we will never forget the Portuguese for, it is because of his time wearing the Real Madrid jersey, perhaps his most prolific stage and where we saw the most goals wearing his Cristiano Ronaldo's boots.

Currently, Cristiano wears the latest version of the Nike Mercurial Superfly, boots made entirely of flyknit, a material that has been present in Nike since 2013 and that after several generations has achieved an incredible level of fit and comfort. The feeling when you put on the boot is the closest thing to putting on a sock.

But since not everything is the fit, Nike boots also take care of the touch of the ball, and for this, they cover the entire Flyknit with a layer of NikeSkin, which while waterproofing the boot, manages to give us an excellent grip for a speed boot. This waterproofing is completed with the incorporation of ACC technology, which is incorporated into the boots in the manufacturing process and allows us to maintain this great touch and hit of the ball, regardless of inclement weather.

The sole of the boots is super aggressive and allows us to have, without a doubt, one of the best tractions that there is today. The grip is superior and thanks to that extra millimeter of length that is incorporated in this generation of Mercurial, we have a super reactive traction at maximum speed, without suffering unnecessary slipping.

And these are the Cristiano Ronaldo football boots, supreme boots that are perfect for the game of the Portuguese. A pair of boots that also have their futsal version, with which we can also enjoy Cristiano Ronaldo's shoes in 40x20. Below you can see the entire collection of Mercurial Superfly boots that Cristiano Ronaldo has worn, with combinations of Colors available so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

The boots formerly worn by Cristiano Ronaldo

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