The Black Boot

I played my first football game, in 1993, with the Kelme Duende model because Zubizarreta was mil idol. From that moment the football boot became a fetich for me. Umbro Speciali, Puma King, Lotto Stadio, adidas Copa Mundial, Nike Tiempo Premier, Mizuno Morelia, Joma Toledo or Diadora Brasil. My feet have worn all those legend black leather boots. But now the market has changed and I must adapt to the new technologies... And I like it! If you want my vision on the evolution of the football boots, stay tuned to "The Black Boot".

Nike Tiempo 10 Prototype

Nike has just presented the new Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Prototype and today we will be able to discover everything about this new generation of the US brand's touch football boots.
14 September 2023

Moulded studs in football boots, how to choose the right one?

A lot has been said about football boots, but do you really know the ins and outs of each type of boot? Today we are going to talk about FG football boots, so hopefully you will be able to choose the right football boot after having read this post. Let’s get started!
31 August 2023

How to choose the best football boots?

Beating your opponent on the pitch sounds great, but having the best ally to do so is even better. You might be asking which “ally” we’re talking about, but as we already told you in our previous posts, you’ll have to choose the best football boots to perform above your standards.
30 June 2023
Copa Sense .1 Turf

Copa Sense .1 Turf


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AstroTurf football boots

Are you surrounded by studs but you have no idea about how to choose one? Don’t be afraid, we’re not speaking about your friend who’s always interested in hooking up with someone, but if you are at a crossroads to choose the right football boots, you should keep reading this post about astro turf football boots.
31 January 2023

Puma Future

We are in the middle of a season full of new releases and now it's the turn for Puma. The brand launches a new silo, a new kind of boot that we will get to know soon enough. We introduce Puma FUTURE.
20 November 2019


From the land of the rising sun arrives the latest creation by Mizuno. Thanks to their close collaboration with Fernando Torres, it was possible to create an exclusive football boot for the Spanish player which will also conmemorate the sports career of "El Niño".
26 April 2019

Silence in the room. Nike Mercurial Vapor XII NJR Silencio

Here comes a special edition for one of the players of the moment, the new football boot for Neymar Jr. Neymar's new Vapor presents a brutal look with a lot of meaning. Let's know in detail about the new Nike Mercurial Vapor XII "Shhh Edition".
21 February 2019

New adidas Initiator Pack

adidas has set new standards with the new Copa 19. Luckily, this isn't the only surprise left until the end of the year. Let's check the new Initiator Pack.
13 November 2018

New AW18 pack by New Balance

New Balance presents totally renewed colors for its two lines. Tekela and Furon are back to face the winter season.   
05 November 2018

The sole of my boots is wearing out

TERRIBLE SERVICE! Those were the words used by a Futbol Emotion client to describe the fact that our store doesn’t take responsibility if the cooting of your football boots wears off. Below, we explain why this is so.
29 August 2018

New adidas X18+ Adizero boots

The German brand keeps bringing its football boot designs from the fields to the streets, what is great news for us football fans. Let’s meet the last adidas street model, the adidas X 18+ Adizero trainers.
18 June 2018


In such a decisive stage, Puma launches a new colorway for its two boot silos. Puma One and Puma Future receive the colours of the Frenzy Pack.
03 April 2018

Top 5 most durable boots

This time we come back with a top 5 of the most durable boots, those that match after match keep going on. Let's see them. 
04 March 2018

Top 5 affordable boots

This time we come back with the top 5 best affordable boots because not all of us have the same budget. Let's overview 5 models with an exceptional price that won't dissapoint you.
24 December 2017

Nike Grip vs Trusox

We come back to compare the two most used football competition socks nowadays. Let's see what they can offer: 
14 November 2017

Top 5 best special edition football boots

There have always been special players, players that set a trend. Brands take notice of this and create exclusive editions to be used by these superstars. Let's see our top 5 best special editions.
07 November 2017

Top 5 World Cup Jerseys

The World Cup is getting closer and we want to celebrate by recalling the top 5 jerseys of all its history. Will you be able to remember all of them?
05 November 2017

Nike Tiempo Legend VII enter the scene

It has been a year and a half before Nike has upgraded the model of the highly acclaimed, most classic model from the brand. Will these also live up to the expectations?
22 June 2017

Black football boots

Black boots have made a comeback to the professional football scenery, after several years of flashy coloured boots.
11 January 2017

Nike anti-clog gets tested by professionals

A general view on the revolutionary anti-clog outsoles from the american brand, which have already been tested by professional football players. The results show below
20 December 2016
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