How to choose the best football boots?

Beating your opponent on the pitch sounds great, but having the best ally to do so is even better. You might be asking which “ally” we’re talking about, but as we already told you in our previous posts, you’ll have to choose the best football boots to perform above your standards.

30 June 2023 - Written by Alevtina Petrova

Best classic football boots

Classic is a safe bet. It doesn’t matter if you are an experimented footie or if you are starting your career from scratch. If you choose a classic model, you can be sure of your choice. Classic football boots are not necessarily outdated or inappropriate, since brands always improve their designs, functionalities, and ergonomics. 


Why radically change something that works well, right? This is something that the well-known brands, such as adidas, have clear. Just by upgrading some features, you can obtain one of the best cleats for anyone. A timeless boot for damp or wet natural grass pitches made of kangaroo leather, which will provide you with flexibility. In addition, its EVA material insole will absorb the impacts without compromising comfort. 


Another great option is the adidas Copa Mundial, one of the best football boots ever. Its soft kangaroo skin upper and superior flexibility make this boot a true symbol. Durability, light weight, and a perfect fit will be a go to choice to play on natural grass. They are specifically designed for those more traditional-minded players who shy away from colourful boots and value comfort above all else.


Umbro also retrieves of its most iconic boots of all times with the launch of the Speciali original model, identical to that released in 1992. Re-named as Umbro Speciali 98 as a tribute to the goal Scored by Michael Owen in France's 1998 World Cup with a pair of Umbro Speciali in his feet. These boots set a quality standard in the 90's and are one of the best leather football boots.


The name King is still a hallmark for those players loyal to the brand Puma. The characteristics of this boot adapt to the most classic football players thanks to its natural skin, the padded instep and the double-density sole with conical studs.

Best new football boots

New times require new designs. Fresh air for the most modern players. Although classic football boots might be great, you know that they will always be available on the market. However, sometimes we need an extra motivation to train, and use new brand cleats for the first time could be a wonderful excuse to do so.


For those players who are looking for a mid-range boot to compete or train, Puma Future would be a great choice. It offers a good fit and comfort in equal measure. For use on natural grass pitches and artificial grass pitches. In addition, Puma's new upper provides greater stability with each step. Thanks to the personalized support with laces and the sock that fits the ankle.


One of the best football boots right now is the adidas Predator Accuracy +. Synthetic boots without laces for use on natural grass pitches. The material that makes up the new Upper is Hybrid Touch, a microfiber that makes it more malleable than the previous generation, so it’s aimed at players looking to have good contact with the ball in any position on the field.


Morelia Neo is the perfect definition of an updated classic. Extreme speed thanks to an aerodynamic design, as well as a good fit, stability, and comfort. A leather worked like no other, combined with high-quality knit, make everyone who gives them a chance to fall in love with them. Bet on some of the best boots on the market, they will make a difference.


For several months, when the first images of the adidas Gloro leaked, there was a rumor that it was World Cup II. Fortunately, it is not about that. Gloro is a middle silo between the World Cup (too classic for today's gamer) and adiPure (too modern for the classic gamer). Gloro combines super-soft cowhide on the ball contact area with synthetic microfiber on the heel to reduce weight, which make them the perfect combination for a powerful performance.

Best football boots for women

Picking up the right football boots is key to achieve the best results. Any feature involved in a design can make a difference while performing on the ground. So, do good football boots make a real difference? Our answer is definitely yes, especially if you’re a female. Brands have developed special designs in terms of adapting football boots for women since girls usually have a narrower shape and are smaller in general.


Threaded boots for dry or wet natural grass pitches, and for the latest generation of artificial grass pitches. High-end boots in attractive colours to compete at the highest level. These cleats will provide you with comfort and traction thanks to the diamond shaped outsole.


The cleats that will boost your confidence on the pitch. If you’re a classic player but you are searching for something different, these ones are for you. Seamless, these boots will fit you like a glove as they are made of a single leather anatomical piece. In addition, the heel area provides great cushioning and support. They are suitable for amateur competition whatever your position on the pitch. 


Environmentally conscious thanks to Parley. These football boots are manufactured from recycled plastics and are a milestone not only for the German brand, but also for the rest of the world. Lightness, stability and speed are the greatest adjectives to describe this pair. Top of the range boots for the most competitive players.

Best cheap football boots

Cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality. If you can’t afford the top of the range football boots, don’t worry. Brands are aware of that, so they also offer great options for any pocket. In addition, there are special promos of which you can take advantage and get a pair of your favorite cleats at a good price. You can check our sales section, where you are offered a wide range of alternatives, so it’s worth giving it a look!

Football Boots Kaiser 5 Liga Black
Football Boots Kaiser 5 Liga Black
Football Boots Furon V7 Destroy FG White
Football Boots Furon V7 Destroy FG White
Football Boots Monarcida Neo Ii Select Mix White
Football Boots Monarcida Neo Ii Select Mix White

After having reviewed our selection of the best men’s and women’s football boots, it’s now your turn to choose the perfect one for you! If you are still searching for the pair of your dreams, visit our Fútbol Emotion’s website, where you can find a wide range of the latest models and your favourite brands.

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How to choose the best football boots?

Beating your opponent on the pitch sounds great, but having the best ally to do so is even better. You might be asking which “ally” we’re talking about, but as we already told you in our previous posts, you’ll have to choose the best football boots to perform above your standards.
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