Silence in the room. Nike Mercurial Vapor XII NJR Silencio

Here comes a special edition for one of the players of the moment, the new football boot for Neymar Jr. Neymar's new Vapor presents a brutal look with a lot of meaning. Let's know in detail about the new Nike Mercurial Vapor XII "Shhh Edition".

February 21, 2019 - Written by Matias Velazquez

These football boots are inspired by the privacy moments in which we're all alone with our thoughts, we turn off the noise and focus on what's really important. These football boots represent those moments for Neymar JR.

Finish the game with speed

The new allies of the Brazilian player bring this focus and strength with the "Shhh" pattern in order oto get a ground-breaking look. This design is all over the upper, completely made with Flyknit, in different sizes, and also all over the insole. The black and grey hues stand out over the prevailing white color, making clear the message of this model: turn off the noise, leave everything aside and listen up.

This pattern is joined by a color much liked by Neymar Jr, red, both in the lateral and front Swoosh, as well as in the heel counter. Here is Neymar's name and also two other symbols we've already seen with this footballer. One is a diamond and the other, a crown, which have a special meaning for him since they were already included in other of his special editions.

The lacing area is the greyest of all the shoe and also where the Flyknit can be more easily spotted. The sole keeps too this color combination, with white for the plate and red for the studs.

This football boot is simply fantastic and, far away from controversies, it looks to send a clear message. In Neymar's words:

"Shhh isn't about silencing the rest of the world... it's about staying quiet to focus on what I need to do for my future as a player and as a men..."

Even if this new Neymar JR football boot hasn't experienced any technical changes in comparison to its original version, it presents a more than correct look as well as a clear message. The lights are off, out with noises, let's focus on the game, on our style, on what we are as persons, listen to the silence with the new "Shhh Edition".

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