PLAYR GPS + vest

Black reference number. PY_PR0010GB
Prices will show up in British Pounds throughout the entire process. The final payment, however, will be made in EUROS: 199.99 €

Technical description

PLAYR GPS + waistcoat

Controll all the parameters of your physical an tactical performance with the GPS PLAYR measuring system, an equipment made by CATAPULT with a special app to read all interesting data for footballers.

The PLAYR system includes a lycra top with an antibacterial compound, a GPS sensor, a charger and a current cable. The connection to the smartphone's APP is made via Bluetooth.

The system is adjusted with a lycra top with an antibacterial treatment. In the back, a small padded section contains the GPS sensor. The PLAYR system has been tested by FIFA in order to use ot during official competitions.

The APP will ask for your position in the field and wether you're goint to play a match or train. Knowing this, it will provide information about the distance covered, maximum speed, sprints, motion heat maps, match movements and pitch areas where you make your best performance... Besides, it will give you nutritional and resting tips after each session.

Size XXXS = 62-69cm around the chest
Size XXS = 70-79cm around the chest
Size XS = 80-87cm around the chest
Size S = 88-94cm around the chest
Size M = 95-102cm around the chest
Size L = 103-110cm around the chest
Size XL = 111-117cm around the chest

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  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Ozlo Rigby1
    tuesday, October 6th, 2020

    They sent me a used playr instead of a new one that cost me €200. Very unprofessional.

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  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Ozlo Rigby1
    monday, October 5th, 2020

    Futbol emotion shipped me a used playr and the pod won’t work. Also the vest was not in the air tight bag which means it was returned and shipped to me as new when in fact it was used. The pod won’t connect to my phone because it had some other time been connected to someone else’s phone. The instruction manual was also missing. The playr box was not in the original air tight bag as well.

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  • Jorge Humberto
    Jorge Humberto
    monday, December 2nd, 2019

    Very good

    Automatically translated from portuguese

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