Blogs about football training

Good training sessions are the basis to become a professional player. In these blogs we show you how professional players train so you can improve your technique and your tachtical movements. We want to help improve in the playfield with exercises and training sessions made by coaches.

How does a goalkeeper get ready for a final?

The finals are here! How does a goalkeeper get ready for this types of matches? We have talked to Marcos Abad (goalkeeper coach for Elche CF) to learn more about how to prepare for a decisive match.
13 May 2016

Jon Pascua interview

I present, Jon Easter Ibarrola. I am convinced that this interview will mark a before and after in your training sessions and you'll see the world as a professional goalkeepers coach sees it.I recommend you to visit their website,, which has very interesting things.
22 October 2012

Blocking exercises

New week, new post. We started with some exercises blocking. Remember that you will have to adjust the intensity and repetitions to your goalkeepers ages. I hope you like and are to your liking.
15 October 2012

Our language (II)

Last post of "Our language". Here I will comment on some key terms to be able to understand exercises and be able to transmit all the details. Today I talk about the Base position, spaces in which the goalkeeper acts, the famous decision making and last but not least the feedback. Hope you like it.
08 October 2012

Our language

I think it is very important that everyone knows the terms in this blog so all of us talks the same way so it will be easier to understand the exercises, ask questions and answer without confusion.
01 October 2012

The success in training sessions

To make a good job, it's important to prepare a good program. We must give this the magnitude it deserves and to know all the time what we're going to do, although later, lots of things in the program cannot be executed or we might have to modify them (weather conditions, players conditions, missing a goal or a goalie for an exercise...)
24 September 2012


We start this new blog that will focus in goalkeeper training sessions, with the goal of making your job easier and proper. We want coach and goalie to enjoy this job and not to see it as a moment to suffer.
24 September 2012
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