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SP Fútbol Serendipity Pro Black Gloves


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Black ref. SP_18.006
Serendipity Pro Black glove

It's a lucky day for classic goalkeeper glove fans. SP Futbol includes in its catalogue a timeless line called Serendipity. This is a very close-fitted glove, with a negative cut and a white decoration. "Serendipity" means a valuable and unexpected discovery that happens in an accidental way while looking for something else. SP Futbol has called this line Serendipity because during your flashy glove research you'll find this elegant glove that will seduce you from the very first moment. 

Gigagrip (GG) latex with the maximum adherence by the brand SP Futbol assembled over a negative cut. Thumb wrap included.


Breathable textile body with a natural German segmented latex for an easy adjustment.


Elastic band with a helping strap to put on the glove. Natural latex closure strap with a Velcro closure.


Professional-level competition glove for those goalkeepers looking for classic sensation and a mid/high sturdiness.

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  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Diego Miranda
    17 September 2022
    Excellent glove
  • Hugo Barroso
    14 September 2022
    I like it a lot
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Paula Silva
    14 April 2022
    good gloves
  • Carlos Canhoto
    14 March 2022
    good gloves
  • Américo Lima
    22 February 2022
    Very comfortable Glove and a very good grip, the durability of the product remains to be seen.
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Nuno Filipe Machado
    07 February 2022
    Comfortable Glove with a good grip, but durability seems to be the most problematic point, especially when using synthetic floors.
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Miguel Silva
    07 February 2022
    Excellent gloves. An excellent option considering the quality/price
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Lara Pais
    25 October 2021
    The gloves were comfortable but they were too big for me and I don't think they would have the effect I wanted.
  • Francisco Jose Rodrigues Jordao
    28 September 2021
    Wrong Height . No n't want to change me because it was personalized
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Nuno Brito
    13 September 2021
    Excellent grip for catching the ball effectively.
  • Gabriel Amaral
    06 September 2021
    Very comfortable Glove with excellent grip, I recommend it to other goalkeepers
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Luis Silva
    30 August 2021
    Comfortable, good grip and recommend to other goalkeepers
  • Carlos Canhoto
    26 July 2021
    Good gloves and comfortable
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Elisabete Teixeira
    14 June 2021
    The gloves are comfortable but I expected the product to have a better quality.
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Luis Pereira
    24 May 2021
    Resistant material, excellent value for money.
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Delfim Oliveira
    04 January 2021
    I recommend the product 100%, in relation to the price, high quality gloves
  • Mickael Fortin
    15 December 2020
    Very good glove, just the seam between the fingers that is a little painful
  • Jose Antonio
    12 October 2020
    the glove's Velcro no longer grips good gloves
  • Pedro Marques
    14 July 2020
    nothing to aim
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Nuno Martins
    28 October 2019
    Good gloves but not the velcro.
  • Diogo Dias
    10 October 2019
    First time I wore the gloves they broke
  • Luis Miguel P. Sousa
    03 September 2019
    Guaranteed comfort and quality, without a doubt an excellent purchase.
  • Bruno Miguel Borges Ferreira Ferreira
    09 April 2019
    Good quality/price ratio
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Rodney Viana
    22 March 2019
    Excellent material. Very good, I would definitely buy others
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Daniel Chaves Tavares
    27 January 2019
    very weak
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Daniel Chaves Tavares
    27 January 2019
    very weak
  • Rui Andias
    10 December 2018
    Good accessory for goalkeepers for better performance
  • Bruno Miguel Borges Ferreira Ferreira
    12 November 2018
    Fantastic glove with excellent value for money... Very nice and with excellent grip.
  • Bruno Miguel Borges Ferreira Ferreira
    25 September 2018
    Modern-style top glove...
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Sandra Maria Gomes Bessa
    21 September 2018
    Good grip, nice gloves, modern modern design modern modern modern
  • Joaquim Teixeira
    03 September 2018
    Good quality/price ratio. Viable alternative to Adidas gloves, which has a much higher price.
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      • SP Fútbol Serendipity Pro Black Gloves
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