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Anti-abrasion sleeves. Highly recommended product.

2016 NEW PRODUCTS: Anti-abrasion sleeves were launched in 2012 and soon became key product for goalkeepers. After four successful years we have developed their style, adapting it to current goalkeeping needs. A smaller elastic component reduces the risk of the sleeve moving on the arm. We have also reduced its length so the sleeve does not go all the way to the wrist which is a zone reserved for the goalkeeper´s glove. 

Nowadays a football goalkeeper needs to feel comfortable both during training sessions as well as during the match. The influence of professional figures has caused t-shirts to become the most common clothing, for aesthetic reasons as well as for the freedom of movements it allows.

But artificial turf is too abrasive, and playing keeper wearing short clothes causes erosions on the arms when we slide along the ground. After trying out several options, we at SOLOPORTEROS have developed a product that fits like a second skin over our arm, managing to keep it from affecting our mobility and prevent erosion injuries on any part of the arm.

Sizes: The sleeves have a very high elastic component and fit practically any arm. The smallest (2XS/S) are designed for arms that are still developing, including children 13 or 14 years old and onward, and the L/XL size sleeves are for adult goalkeepers. There is also a size XXL for those adult keepers with a large arm volume.

The price is set for a pair of sleeves, they are not sold separately.

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  • Cercel Adrian
    04 October 2020
  • Cercel Adrian
    04 October 2020
  • Paulo Alexandre Ferreira Duarte
    15 November 2023
    Very good quality.
  • Paulo Alexandre Ferreira Duarte
    24 May 2023
    It was an excellent purchase , very good material and very effective
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Juan Luis Hernandez Florimon
    12 August 2022
    Barely built and when you buy them there is no discount on the physical store in La Coruña
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Christophe Leguillon
    17 June 2022
    really efficient and very popular with our UK
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Jorge Costa
    25 October 2021
    The cuffs were your employee's idea, using elbow pads. Very good, thanks to the employee in question.
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Alice Conde
    19 October 2021
    They are very effective in protecting your arms during falls
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Carlos Pereira
    11 October 2021
    Very useful on synthetic pitches, they protect you from burns caused by the friction of your arms on the pitch and don't interfere with your movements, allowing you to wear short-sleeved shirts.
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Albino António Prazeres
    20 September 2021
    Very good and resistant material. The seams are very well done. There is no unpleasant compression at the site of the folds.
  • Paulo Ricardo
    01 September 2021
  • Conceição Teixeira
    06 November 2020
    Very comfortable! tight fitting and do not interfere with circulation!
  • Hugo Costa
    15 September 2020
    Since I bought it, I haven't had any problems with burns again. Very good stuff.
  • Moisés Paiva
    15 September 2020
    Super comfortable and with great elasticity, excellent for games in synthetics and even for training in the gym :)
  • Carlos Carvalho
    14 November 2019
  • Carlos Carvalho
    14 November 2019
  • Carlos Carvalho
    12 November 2019
    good material, comfortable
  • Miguel Esteves
    11 September 2019
    Good and Cheap :)
  • Diogo Cadilha Martins
    28 April 2019
    Excellent product, I recommend it!
  • Miguel Esteves
    20 February 2019
    Very comfortable, we didn't even realize we're using them, very good at protecting our arms from the abrasion caused by sliding...
  • Rui Andias
    10 December 2018
    Good accessory for goalkeepers for better performance
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Gonçalo Capitão
    03 September 2018
    Everything you'd expect, a good quality cuff and the way it wraps your arm!
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Maria João Pinheiro Da Luz
    07 May 2018
    Easy to put on, the material looks resistant and is easy to wash.
  • Sin imagen de perfil
    Antônio Marcos Alves Vieira Marcos
    27 March 2018
    Excellent quality product. A great option for archers.
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