Nike Lunar Gato

Yes, that's right, what many of us were waiting for, it's finally back. Nike Lunar Gato II will be worn in the best courts by the best players of the brand as it ever was. This is Lunar Gato 2019.



The instep is made with the smoothest adaptable natural leather wich provides a perfect contact to strike or control the ball. Durability isn't a problem since it has gussets in the toe cap as well as in the laterals.



What actually gives sense to the name of this futsal shoe its the midsole which makes every impact to be evenly distribute all over the sole, so our heels and metatarsal bones, the areas that suffer the most, don't experience that much pressure.



The sole is divided in 3 areas. In the outer forefoot thereis a specific design to provide a lot of grip. In the inside forefoot there's a line-based design for supports and, lastly, the heel is similar to the forefoot to offer more stability.


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