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In this section you will find all the articles to know what's happening in the football world. Our experts tell us their opinion about the football world, present the history of the greatest brands and show all the brands are preparing for the future by catching players wearing blackout models.

All about futsal shoes

Football is football, right? Although some inexperienced people may think that this is the case, we are sorry to tell you that there are many forms of football and not all of them are as similar as some people think. Indoor football is one of these cases and we’d like to share with you the greatest difference between indoor football shoes and regular football boots.
29 April 2023

Alexis Sánchez: the 7 legacy

The number 7 of the Red Devils is much more than just a number. It implies history, responsibility and thoroughness and it seems that Alexis Sanchez hasn't hesitated to take all of its essence on his back.
31 January 2020

Top 5 exclusive football boots for TOP players.

A little look back among our favourite models of all time, and the players wearing them. Players that have been awarded with leading indvidual recognition, World and European Championships, while also entertaining the crowd.5 world class players and 5 model of boots that have undoubtedly marked a milestone in football history.
15 December 2016

Top 5 surprises of the 2016 Euro

It has been a week since the 2016 Euro ad during this short period of time we already have some very interesting news for football boots enthusiasts. We present you our Top 5 surprises of the 2016 Euro.
17 June 2016

Top 5 dirty plays in football

Now that Germany´s coach Joachim Löw, has shocked the world with some questionable moves when it comes to hygiene, we present you our TOP 5 dirty plays in football.
15 June 2016


Football players keep surprising us both on and off the pitch. Their private lives are becoming more public, although it is also true that they have something to do about it, and one of the outcomes is we all get to know the player better. 
16 May 2016


After seeing the outstanding goal by Javi Gomez against Toledo, we bring to you our selection of the TOP 5 best bicycle kicks in football history.
25 April 2016

Top 5 Botas Custom

Not too long ago, looking around the internet, I bumped into Bakary Sako´s Nike Mercurial Superfly customized boots, which left me so amazed that I had to investigate a little more about custom football boots.
18 April 2016

10 de 10

If you go on Google and search for different “Top 10” lists of the best plyers in the history of football, you will find many players in common within all of these lists, but the names will not be the only thing in common, because there is another special one that catches the eye, the number 10 on the jersey. This number has been desired by anyone who wants to stand out as the star of the team, which is proved by the history of this sport. That is why we introduce to you this list of the 10 best 10s that have made it the most demanded number. 
21 March 2016

top 5 most unsportman like moments in sports

Valentino Rossi's reaction to Marc Márquez this weekend has been in the news for some days now. Is it the first time we see these type of actions? Lets take a look to the top 5 most unsportman like moments in sports
26 October 2015

5 Things you probably didn't know about Leo Messi

We know almost everything about the big football stars, but for sure there are some details we don't know. In this blog we will star with some cool curiosities about the biggest football players. So lest start with... Leo Mesis.
23 September 2015

Top 5 most astonishing football transfers.

Only a few ours left for the market to close and this is the moment when all of us want to be journalists because of all that can happen… Especially with the last hour. Let’s make a recap!
31 August 2015

Dez futebolistas aos quais Mourinho instaurava uma dieta

No futebol sempre existiram toda vida gordos. Desde o século XIX até aos nossos dias: Jogadores cujo talento suplantou a sua tendência para ganhar peso. Em alguns casos, de forma extrema. Para ganhar a vida no desporto profissional é preciso ser excelente, e se a camisola não te serve , tens que ser ainda melhor. De certeza que o Mourinho mandava estes dez jogadores, que te vamos apresentar, fazer dieta, tal como fez com Rafa Benitez. Na generalidade, quase todos foram reconhecidos, como sendo jogadores especiais ao longo da sua carreira, para além do seu aspecto físico e alguns desde já vos digo que não tinham lugar na passerelle nem conseguiam vestir estas camisolas mais anatómicas, mas estão sem dúvida entre os melhores jogadores da história. 
30 July 2015
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