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SP Fútbol Gloves Detergent

reference no.. SP05.025
12'95 €

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New detergent that cleans the glove, keeps its adherence properties almost like the day it was bought and eliminates the bacteria responsible for bad odour. Also, it has a perfumed smell. Capacity of 17 fl oz.

1- Use after the match, never before.
2- Same motions as washing one's hands. Put on the glove and wet it.
3- Pour a small amount of the product and rub the foam over the latex (both palm and backhand).
4- Rinse.
5- Take off the glove and wring it out.
6- Allow to dry at room temperature and keep away from heat sources (sunlight, heating...)

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Monday, 09 de July de 2018
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Is a good product, clean very good palm and the backhand.

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