Mizuno Monarcida football boots

Mizuno Monarcida football boots

Mizuno presents a new boot line to get all fans of the Japanese brand to have a quality product with a wide price range. The Mizuno Monarcida football boots are similar to Morelia Neo, a classic and aggressive look with materials that increase the durability of the product as the upper is made with synthetic microfiber to offer the maximum comfort which imitates the properties of the skin but reducing the water intake as well as the weight of the boot. This boot line will comply with all the expectations of those players looking for a quality product at a reduced price.

New Releases
Football Boots Mizuno Monarcida II SEL MD Black-Tawny Port
Sizes (UK) : 6'5, 7, 8, 8'5, 9, 9'5, 10, 11
Football Boots Mizuno Monarcida Neo Select AS Kid Black-Black

Monarcida Neo Select AS Kid Football Boots

19'99 €
37'18 €
18'99 €
Sizes (USA) : 2'5