Boca Juniors shirts and football kits

Boca Juniors shirts and football kits

Founded in the neighbourhood La Boca, in Argentina, on April 3rd 1905, by 6 teenagers of Italian origin. The Club Atlético Boca Juniors, more known as Boca Juniors or just Boca, is one of the clubs with the most official titles in the world (22), amongst them 18 on a confederated and interconfederated level (FIFA and Conmebol) and 4 Río de la Plata cups (AFA-AUF). Besides, it is the maximum champion of the International Cup (3) on a world level along with Peñarol, Nacional, Milan and Real Madrid. It is also the American club with the most confederative international cups (27, 2nd on a world level, just behind the Milan). It even has the record of clubs in the America Copa Libertadores: 10, along with Peñarol. It is the second club with the most Libertadores cup won as well, 6, only behing the Independiente, winner of 7.

Boca Juniors Icons 2020-2021 Long pants

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