Fútbol Emotion solidary project

Futbol Emotion needs you to take football everywhere

Thousands of you trust Futbol Emotion to purchase your football gear and boots so you can shine on the pitch. However, what if we ask you for the opposite? We want you to give football gear away for all those who need it but that for some reason can't afford it. The emotion of football will be the boost for the transformation of those communities that need your cooperation.

How can I cooperate?

We've set up football gear collection points in our physical sports. If you visit any of our 20 stores, bring in your boots and we'll take care of giving them a new life.

Bring material that can be used: material that doesn't fit you, a little bit worn but that can still have another life, and as clean and odourless as posible. We'll store them to send them to the solidary projects with which we cooperate.

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What happens once I leave my gear in the store?

To accomplish this goal we can't play by ourselves. That's why we want to work together with Red Deporte (Sports Net) and DHL.

Fundación Red Deporte y Cooperación (Sport and Cooperation Net Foundation) is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 whose main goal is to promote sports as a tool for human development. It's almost entirely composed by volunteers who support this organization's mission. Know more about Red Deporte.

DHL, our shipping partner, will receive all this material and take it for free to the Red Deporte (Sports Net) projects in which Futbol Emotion cooperates.

You already know Fútbol Emotion. We created this project and we offer our store and logistic facilities to transport materials. Besides, we cooperate too by providing more gear to this cause.

Where are my boots going to?

Cameroon + info
Zambia + info
Spain + info


Red Deporte (Sports Net) works in East Cameroon since 2012, supporting the vulnerable refugee population coming because of the conflict in the Central African Republic.

Sports and especially football is used with two main goals: improve the school attendance and performance of the youngest refugee girls in the school system and promote basic health amongst the refugee and most vulnerable native populations from East Cameroon.


The origins of Red Deporte (Sports Net) are in Zambia in 1997. There the project was developed, its seed was the construction of sport facilities as a community project that was taking its first steps at the moment: the City of Hope, a community school for Lusaka's poorest suburbs.

Dozens of volunteers, collaborators and local staff have been in Zambia in the development of a program that tends to 2,500 kids from Lusaka's marginal suburbs. Our main action area is the City of Hope, where we work with our partners to promote sports as a way of preventing AIDS, develop life skills and empower young women.

Many sports facilities have been constructed and many championships, races, Olympiads, leader and instructor trainings have been carried out as well as the Lusaka Race against AIDS.


Along with Streetworldfootball, Red Deporte (Sports Net) has developed a number of programs and initiatives in Spain that seek to accomplish the dreams and hopes of those less favoured kids and youg people. We can point out the recent construction in Cañada Real (Madrid, Spain) of a top-quality football court in one of the most humble areas in Spain.

For more information about other projects where we'll be carrying material visit Red Deporte's website.

Are there any other collaboration ways?

You can add a solidary ball when making your purchase for our projects. Add this product to your basket for 5€ and Futbol Emotion will send a SP Training football on your behalf in our next gear shipping.

If you want to further cooperate with Red Deporte, the easiest and most effective way is to become a member of their organization. Your support is decisive to promote the development of young people and kids through sport in the most vulnerable environments. You have this and other collaboration ways at: https://www.redeporte.org