Reusch is prepared for the battle

The new colorway for the Reusch Prisma lands at Fútbol Emotion stronger than ever because these will be the gloves worn by the 2018 Russia World Cup goalkeepers.

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November 9, 2018 - Written by A.Torres

Talking about Reusch is talking about goalkeeping history. This is a brand that has grown alongside every player under the goal. I dare say there's no keeper that, in any given time of their career, hasn't used a Reusch glove and, those of you who already have more than a white hair in your heads, sure have enjoyed this brand with its majestic arrow decorating the backhand and creating thus an iconic picture of the 90's goalkeeper.

As we have mentioned in previous times at Fútbol Emotion'sLocker Room, our sport is continuously changing, it's a neverending transformation. All this comes from the constant competition amongst the greatest football gear brands to be the number one. It tends to be an evolution of previous products that, year after year, brands try to improve. Less than 80 days for the start of the greatest sports event worldwide, Reusch has prepared everything to keep proving why it is the brand with the longest history regarding goalkeeper gloves manufacture.

In this new colorway of the Prisma silo, we find colors that, above all, transmit strength and energy to its keepers when it's time to defend the goal. The prevailing electric blue melts into a soberer black colour, maybe,  trying to send a message of a measured tension, a collection with disparate hues, that create an unusual contrast. As it's usual now with the German brand, we can see a logo and the palms, in a fluorescent orange colour, especially stand out, trying to play around with the rival defenders.


The Reusch Prisma goalkeeper gloves are the model designed by the German brand for the 2018 collection, being their flagship up to the moment. As always, the German brand has one of the widest catalogues combining different tiers, cuts and technologies. The backhand of this year focuses more on getting rid of the pressure points when closing the fist without forming folds when the hand is stretched.

It's important to know what really differentiates Reusch, something that will really determine our actions when blocking or griping the ball. That is, its wide palm offer. Reusch separates them in mainly three types of use. Of course, you can decide what kind of palm to choose according to the play ground or the weather conditions of your location.

We'll make a quick review:

- Soft: preferably for natural or 1G artificial grass pitches. There are many alternatives available for goalkeeper thanks to its multiple tiers. In this category we can find the G3 latex, the natural evolution of the past G2. This latex has all the properties of the previous generation and, besides, as an newness, we have a glove with a greater durability thanks to the G3 Fusion and its microparticles or micrografts distributed all over the palm. The G3 Duo has the double latex as a novelty. M1 is the famous Mega Grip, S1 is the Super Soft palm and finally, SG corresponds to the Soft Grip palm.

- Aqua: obviously, this palm provides support with rainy or snowy weather. AX2 is the top-tier  palm, being a palm with a much higher porosity level than the A2.

- Solid: the type of latex with the maximum durability among all of the Reusch latexes are the R3 palms, the natural evolution of the R2 palm, an excellent palm for all those who need a durable glove with a decent grip. RG and SD are low-tiers, for those who play in extremely abrasive terrains or even for the youngest players that are starting to play under the goal.

Here ends the review of the new Reusch Prisma glove colorway. What do you thing? Leave a comment and don't forget to write us in our social media.


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Reusch is prepared for the battle

Reusch is prepared for the battle

The new colorway for the Reusch Prisma lands at Fútbol Emotion stronger than ever because these will be the gloves worn by the 2018 Russia World Cup goalkeepers.

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