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Do you want to be the best keeper of the world? In our blogs we show you everything related to the goalkeeper glove world so you don't miss any new releases and can choose the best gloves for you. Don't miss our tips from expert goalies. Know the palm that best suits the ground in which you play the most as well as the cut that is best for you.

What are the best goalkeeper gloves?

Just imagine. You’re ready to kill it under the goalposts but you start to feel that one of the most important tools for you doesn’t match your game. Yes, we’re talking about your goalkeeper gloves and in case you are a goalie, we’d like to show you how to avoid this situation and not to have egg on your face in front of your fans.
31 March 2023

New SP La Rosa de los Vientos goalkeeper glove collection

If what the Spanish brand has already offered in 2018 wasn't enough, it is finishing the year in the best way possible. The brand SP is presenting a new collection full of power. Dominate the wind with us: Welcome to La Rosa de los Vientos.
14 December 2018

New SP No Goal ZERO 2018 glove

What was a well-known secret has become now a reality. The Spanish brand has been the last to join the goalkeeper glove seamless trend. SP has waited but finally has dared to make this noteworthy model.
05 November 2018

Reusch Pure Contact X Ray

The goalkeeper’s hands will be closer than ever to the ball with Reusch’s latest release. Its single-piece design, the neoprene material and the technologies used in its construction make the new Reusch Pure Contact X Ray one of the lightest gloves ever.
23 October 2018

Reusch is prepared for the battle

The new colorway for the Reusch Prisma lands at Fútbol Emotion stronger than ever because these will be the gloves worn by the 2018 Russia World Cup goalkeepers.
03 April 2018


Lola Gallardo (Spain´s national team) has tested the new SP Earhart, a goalkeeper glove model for women. Women´s hands are not the same as men´s hands, girls need a specific model… and SP has done it!
11 August 2016

Glove Spotting - January 2016

After a short break we're back with tons of updates in the hands of professional goalkeepers. The new Eliminator models, the new Sells collection and a small dose of unknown brands. Here is the Glove Spotting for January 2016.
27 January 2016

Glove for women: SP Earhart

After a small update in the summer collection, we've finally launched an entire goalkeeper gloves line that has been developed to fit the female hand. After the launch of this glove line we talked with Sandra Paños (FC Barcelona keeper) so she could tell us her impresions.
02 January 2016

Glove Spotting - Diciembre 2015

We are in some very special days and I though it would be nice to give you a new post. Some updates made by Nike, the new History Pack by adidas and a bunch of lessknown brands. This is the December Special Gloves Spotting 2015 1st part.
22 December 2015

Glove Spotting - November 2015 2nd Part

Competitions continue and so we get more images of professional player and their gloves. The new Re:Pulse by reusch start to appear and have already been anounced in Soloporteros.
01 December 2015

Glove Spotting - November 2015

We know it's been a while since the last post but we are back with the Glove Sportting post for November. We bring lots of new models and some weird fact.
13 November 2015

Glove Spotting June2015

Competitions like the Women's World Cup and the Copa America are in center of atention in these days. And we want to leave you with the last Glove Spotting of the season with some cool updates for the next season.
19 June 2015

Glove Spotting Women's World Cup 2015

To end the season I wanted to make this las Post as a tribute to the women goalkeepers and what better way than dedicating them this entire glove spotting post with the first images of the World Cup in Canada where Spain will be participating for the first time. 
09 June 2015

Glove Spotting May 2015

We have entered the final stage of all leagues and tournaments and the goalkeepers keep showing brand new models, before the collections for the next season are launched. And we also want to use this post to send a support message to Sergio Asenjo who suffered a serious injury and we wish he recovers soon.
14 May 2015

Uhlsport sheet: Supergrip latex and 25º angle

In the past years I have criticized Uhlsport for been too conservative. But after a saw the new Ergonomic, it seems like 2015 is the year of change. Want to know whats new? keep reading and you'll find out.
12 May 2015

Glove Spotting April I 2015

After some vacation time and the international games, we are back with the latest update of the Glove Spotting where we find SMUs, new models and some special modifications of professional goalkeepers.
14 April 2015

Top 5. Historical Reusch gloves

The Reusche World Keeper are now available so it's a good moment to make a recap on the Top 5 historical gloves from the German brand, Reusch.
27 March 2015

Glove Spotting March I 2015

Here is a new Glove Spoting post. Weird modifications, new exclusive models and some brand that are not usually seen among keepers are some of the gloves you'll see in this March Glove Spoting.
23 March 2015

Glove Spotting. February II 2015

Iago Herrerín debuting on UEFA Europe League with his Soloporteros gloves, the classics are back and some weird glove modifications will be the main parts of this Glove Spotting edition.
25 February 2015

Adidas Predator Zones SMU for Reina and Claudio Bravo

SMU: Specially Made Unique. This is used when professional goalkeepers ask for modifications on their gloves. What do Reina and Claudio Bravo modify in the SMU gloves? We have their gloves with us and we will explain it all.
12 February 2015

Resuch 2015 World Keeper retro glove

I was checking out my social media this morning and I received a great surprise in the Reusch UK official twitter account. The black arrow is back in 2015.
12 November 2014
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