Nike Lunar Gato II comes back to the courts

Yes, that's right, what many of us were waiting for, it's finally back. Nike Lunar Gato II will be worn again in the courts by the best players of the brand. Let's recall the iconic Nike Tiempo Lunar Gato II.

12 February 2019 - Written by Ander Torres

There may be more desired football boots from the past than these ones, however, these are the most demanded futsal shoes we can recall. Nike Lunar Gato II will always get comments and fans. That's why it is back.


Nike Lunar Gato II 2019

This model doesn't provide any technical improvements compared to the 2015 boot. However, this isn't a reason to be dissapointed, Nike Tiempo Lunar Gato II comes back as it was, without any alterations, with the same materials and structure. This first colorway belongs to a special edition that will be available from February 18th. However, in April, a definitive edition will be launched to permanently stay at our warehouse. The great difference between this release and others by adidas or Umbro of past models is that this futsal boot isn't a remake.


The taste of professional players who wore this iconic Nike futsal shoe were quite clear. Ricardihno, Cardinal, Rivillos, Bateria, Saad Ferrao, etc, they all trusted Lunar Gato II because of the amazing performance it provided, even though they sometimes wore the MagistaX Proximo, the futsal shoe that finally replaced Lunar Gato. However, its performance level was rather difficult to attain.


At Futbol Emotion, we're delighted this remarkable futsal shoe is back in our warehouse so you can enjoy once again. As it couldn't be otherwise, we'll analyse point by point the new Nike Tiempo Lunar Gato II and we'll see why this model marked a milestone in Nike and in the futsal world as well.

Nike Lunar Gato II technologies

We take off with the upper. The instep is made with the smoothest adaptable natural leather wich provides a perfect contact to strike or control the ball. This is a durable boot since it has gussets in the toe cap and the laterals. The sides of the shoe also count with Hyperfuse tech combined with a mesh to make the boot lighter and more breathable. The gussets of the lateral bands provide rigidity in order to better endure lateral moves, very usual in futsal.


One of the most noteworthy improvements of this boot is in the sole: it's PURE ERGONOMY. It's  divided in 3 areas with different designs according to the needs of each zone. In the outer forefoot there are small perforations which, when in contact with the court, provide a lot of grip. In the inside forefoot there's a line-based design for supports and, lastly, the heel is similar to the forefoot although the lines are more separated to offer more stability.


We leave the most important part of this boot for the end, the midsole, which gives its name to this futsal boot. The Lunarlon is the star cushioning material of the American brand. It appeared for the first time in 2018 for the Lunarglide running shoes. Back then, the Lunarlon was Nike's most ground-breaking technology until the famous React made its appearance in 2017. The technology found in Lunar Gato II consists of a core of a soft injected foam in a light structure which makes every impact to be evenly distribute all over the sole, so our heels and metatarsal bones, the areas that suffer the most, don't experience that much pressure. The Lunarlon has been kept in futsal boots for several reasons, being the first one its durability. That's also why Nike's plates for futsal are much thicker than for the rest of sports. The second reason is its elasticity. Nike Tiempo Lunar Gato II, besides providing a great durability against erosion, offers that extra reactivity we need for this sport.


* Ricardinho wearing Lunar Gato II in 2016

Whatever you think about Nike and its futsal shoes, you'll agree this will be a very positive release for the rest of brands as for the general public. This makes us realise Nike is in the know of what the masses demand and what the players want. What do you think about Nike re-launching the iconic Lunar Gato II? Tell us in our comment section or in our Facebook page.

Do you want to buy this first limited edition of lunar gato? Remember it will be available for sale from February 21st at Futbol Emotion by clicking HERE

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Nike Lunar Gato II comes back to the courts

Nike Lunar Gato II comes back to the courts

Yes, that's right, what many of us were waiting for, it's finally back. Nike Lunar Gato II will be worn again in the courts by the best players of the brand. Let's recall the iconic Nike Tiempo Lunar Gato II.

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