What are the shipping costs?

Fútbol Emotion makes international shipments to almost every country in the world. Select your destination country and you will be able to check the prices of the shipping costs and the estimated delivery time.

Keep in mind that they are indicative and that personalized orders or orders with no stock take a few more days to arrive.

Indicate your postal code to see the shipping methods and costs available in your area.


4-6 days
≤ 2.5kg2.5kg - 6kg6kg - 9kg9kg - 15kg15kg - 21kg> 21kg
15 €25 €45 €95 €155 €225 €


At Fútbol Emotion's website we offer you the option of checking the status of your order in real time. To do so, log into your user profile and go to the "My orders" section.

In this section you will be able to consult the status of your order at Fútbol Emotion's warehouse as well as the tracking of the shipping company once the order leaves our facilities. If the order has been sent and you don't receive it within the estimated delivery time, in this section you can consult the phone number of the shipping company with which your order has been sent so you can contact them.


In the event your order is especially large or bulky, Fútbol Emotion reserves the right of contacting the customer to re-arrange the shipping costs of the order,so as to be recalculated according the volume of the parcel.


The prices listed above describe the shipping costs only, and not custom duties (unless otherwise indicated). In the event of a parcel being detained by customs, the responsibility of paying for the taxes and duties applied to the package will lie on the buyer. Fútbol Emotion is not responsible for custom costs, nor for the delay in the delivery which may occur derived from said parcel being held by customs. Customers will not be allowed to return their orders based on this reason, except in the case of a mistake by Fútbol Emotion.

There are some countries where customs taxes and duties may be quite high. These countries are, according to our personal experience: Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil and Uruguay. Only slightly less problematic are the customs of Bolivia. If you live in any of these countries, we would advise you against purchasing in our store until you have had a chance to familiarise yourself with the probable costs applied to the parcel. The purchase of a parcel from Fútbol Emotion will be considered an implicit acceptance of these conditions.