How can I pay my order?

At Fútbol Emotion we offer you different options for carrying out your payment so you can have your order. These are our available payment methods:

  • logo PayPal
  • logo Visa
  • logo MasterCard
  • logo American Express

Credit/ debit card:

payment through credit card is an easy and safe way of paying. We accept payments either with MasterCard or Visa. The total amount will be immediately charged to your credit card. Your credit card information will be encrypted using the SSL technology before being transferred. Thanks to this high security level, paying via credit card at Fútbol Emotion is very safe.


PayPal is an online payment method that charges your purchases to your credit card, debit card or bank account via a secure service that stores your financial information without ever sharing it with the seller. This service's main advantage is that you won't have to input your credit card or bank account information with every purchase. You will only need an email address and a password.