User's responsabilities

The user and/or customer agrees to provide truthful information regarding the data required both for the user registration form as well as for the purchasing contract, and to keep said data updated at all times. Registration of this information is mandatory, and providing incomplete or incorrect data will make it impossible for Fútbol Emotion to successfully process any orders placed. Additionally, the customer agrees to protect his (or her) personal password of the website in the most discreet and diligent manner possible.

The user of the website, in order to be able to obtain specific functionalities (access to forums, chats, blogs and comments; access to special discounts; booking process) must register and create a client account, that will be validated by a personal and non-transferable password. For this to happen, the user will provide freely and voluntarily the personal data requested in the registration form.

The website company will not be responsible for the false information provided by the user for the registration in the different services offered in the website nor responsible for the consequences of using false data.

Because of the nature of the website, created with the intention to serve as a contact link among active users, users data will be visible (according to the personal configuration of each user) by the rest of active members of the website.

User and personal password conditions

The user will assume the following conditions:

The user will choose their email address as user name and a password, and will make a personal and proper use, agreeing not to make them available to third parties, and to inform Porteromania S.L. about the loss or theft of these or about the access of a third unauthorized party, so that we may proceed to its immediate blocking.

Words that may be considered misleading, offensive, illegal or not moral, cannot be used as an user name.

Porteromania S.L. will impose maintenance conditions in terms of password minimum characters, types of characters, number of authorised erroneous access attempts, blocking and users and passwords recovery, as well as the password recovery time or expiration for user inactivity. Porteromania S.L. will impose conditions and users, personal data and billing technical means. The same will happen with the modifying and unsubscribing requests. Porteromania S.L. reserves the right to block user accounts in case of failure of the aforementioned conditions.