Glove Spotting May 2015

We have entered the final stage of all leagues and tournaments and the goalkeepers keep showing brand new models, before the collections for the next season are launched. And we also want to use this post to send a support message to Sergio Asenjo who suffered a serious injury and we wish he recovers soon.

May 14, 2015 - Written by Fernando Ortiz Castillo


Herrerin - Soloporteros Valor 309 Herrerín. Looking forward to the Copa del Rey dfinal against FC Barcelona, Iago Herrerín is becoming a lead character in the past games. Soloporteros has prepared an exclusive model for that final but mean while we see him wearing the SMU model from the Christmas collection. Hybrid cut, Duo latex and elastic closure with double spin.


Sergio - Rinat Asimetrik Pro. Rinat's new collection arrives in Spain and Sergio Álvarez has been one of the first keepers wearing the most demanded model from the Mexican brand. This time we find it in a yellow, pink black colorway.

Villalpando - Rinat Asimetrik Pro. Jorge Villalpando goalkeeper for Morelia was spoted wearing the new Asimetrik. This time he uses the model with the blue palm and the white backhand.

Yarbrough - Rinat Asimetrik Pro. The American international goalkeeper is one of the best in Mexico and one of the first in wearing all that comes new from Rinat. And as always we can see him with the new Asimetrik Pro model.


Toño - Nike Gunn Cut. We have talked a lot about Toño and how we has switched from one brand to another. It seems like Nike is going to be the final one. Funny that he has chosen the Gunn Cut, he's the first keeper in the BBVA league to wear it, with a rollfinger cut and extended palm.

Guzam - Nike Gunn Cut. A regular in this section. The American Guzman, wears a SMU Gunn Cut model with the same rollfinger cut, with no latex palm extension in the wrist and he has replaced the latex band for a textile black band.


Diego Benaglio - Puma evoPower. This is one of my favorite goalkeepers because of his special preferences for gloves. The Swiss keeper modifies the entire glove making it one of the most atractive SMU models for us glove lovers. For starters he uses the aqua palm with a more greyish tone with a negative cut. But it doesn't end there, he has the palm extended to the wrist including the logo. And to finnifh he uses a classic latec fastening band

Mattia Perin - Puma evoSpeed 1.3. Among the Puma goalkeepers it's weird not to see them with the evoPower model in their hands. And that's the case of Perín, the Italian goalkeeper has been spoted with the evoSpeed 1.3 model. He uses a rollfinger cut instead of the hybrid cut and with a white palm.


Juan Carlos - Uhlsport Eliminator Aquasoft. Asenjo's unfortunated injury has given Juan Carlos the oportunity to end the season in the starting line. He has been loyal to Uhlsport for a long time and in particular to the Aquasoft model of the Eliminator line.

Handanovic - Uhlsport Eliminator. The Slovenian keeper of Inter de Milan, Handanovic, is one of the goalkeepers who uses Uhlsport. He likes so much the FingerSurround cut od the Fangmaschine model that he has placed it over the Eliminator model.


Loris Karius - Adidas Predator Zones Pro. Karius was spoted with a model were we can see that the reinforcement we find in the palm in the stock models is actually painted becuase they change there gloves more often and just don't need that element. The fastening band is also modified because instead of the elastic band we find a latex band.


Moises Muñoz - Voit. Coming from Mexico, a miss known brand for us but not for mexicans, where it's actually pretty popular among amateur keepers. Voit makes classic gloves. They only have one professional model that comes in several colorways.

Olivares - N1 Beta Pro Rosso. And to finish we bring from the Libertadores Cup a Spanish brand that is getting in the market, it's N1 with the new Beta Pro Rosso model. Classic with flat cut and gigagrip palm

Para concluir os traemos desde la copa libertadores a una marca española que esta entrando en el mercado poco a poco, es N1 con su nuevo modelo Beta Pro Rosso, otro guante clásico con corte flat y palma gigagrip.

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