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All about the latest Puma boots

The starting whistle has already been blown, so many brands are introducing their novelties for those stragglers who have not yet chosen their football boots. Puma is one of them, so in this post we are going to present the latest release from the German brand.
30 September 2023

Nike Tiempo 10 Prototype

Nike has just presented the new Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Prototype and today we will be able to discover everything about this new generation of the US brand's touch football boots.
14 September 2023

Moulded studs in football boots, how to choose the right one?

A lot has been said about football boots, but do you really know the ins and outs of each type of boot? Today we are going to talk about FG football boots, so hopefully you will be able to choose the right football boot after having read this post. Let’s get started!
31 August 2023

Find your football kit

Hundreds of football clubs are now releasing their football kits, marking the start of the upcoming season. Here you’ll find a selection not only of the newest kits, but also a bit of history about some of them.
31 July 2023

How to choose the best football boots?

Beating your opponent on the pitch sounds great, but having the best ally to do so is even better. You might be asking which “ally” we’re talking about, but as we already told you in our previous posts, you’ll have to choose the best football boots to perform above your standards.
30 June 2023

All about futsal shoes

Football is football, right? Although some inexperienced people may think that this is the case, we are sorry to tell you that there are many forms of football and not all of them are as similar as some people think. Indoor football is one of these cases and we’d like to share with you the greatest difference between indoor football shoes and regular football boots.
29 April 2023

What are the best goalkeeper gloves?

Just imagine. You’re ready to kill it under the goalposts but you start to feel that one of the most important tools for you doesn’t match your game. Yes, we’re talking about your goalkeeper gloves and in case you are a goalie, we’d like to show you how to avoid this situation and not to have egg on your face in front of your fans.
31 March 2023
Copa Sense .1 Turf

Copa Sense .1 Turf


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AstroTurf football boots

Are you surrounded by studs but you have no idea about how to choose one? Don’t be afraid, we’re not speaking about your friend who’s always interested in hooking up with someone, but if you are at a crossroads to choose the right football boots, you should keep reading this post about astro turf football boots.
31 January 2023
Liverpool FC Primera Equipación Ed Signature 2019-2020

Liverpool FC Primera Equipación Ed Signature 2019-2020


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GIVEAWAY New Balance: Liverpool

If you want a Liverpool signed jersey or one of the 3 footballs we raffle you can't miss this post. The Liverpool won the Premier League even though it seemed to be cursed since the last decades: it had been 30 years without winning a league. Today the champion shirt can be yours.
15 July 2020

Alexis Sánchez: the 7 legacy

The number 7 of the Red Devils is much more than just a number. It implies history, responsibility and thoroughness and it seems that Alexis Sanchez hasn't hesitated to take all of its essence on his back.
31 January 2020

Puma Future

We are in the middle of a season full of new releases and now it's the turn for Puma. The brand launches a new silo, a new kind of boot that we will get to know soon enough. We introduce Puma FUTURE.
20 November 2019


The new Total Black collection by adidas is now available at Futbol Emotion. If you like tradition and blackout boots, this is the perfect collection for you. Also, this collection presents a new look for the Predator 19+.
03 July 2019


From the land of the rising sun arrives the latest creation by Mizuno. Thanks to their close collaboration with Fernando Torres, it was possible to create an exclusive football boot for the Spanish player which will also conmemorate the sports career of "El Niño".
26 April 2019

Silence in the room. Nike Mercurial Vapor XII NJR Silencio

Here comes a special edition for one of the players of the moment, the new football boot for Neymar Jr. Neymar's new Vapor presents a brutal look with a lot of meaning. Let's know in detail about the new Nike Mercurial Vapor XII "Shhh Edition".
21 February 2019

Nike Lunar Gato II comes back to the courts

Yes, that's right, what many of us were waiting for, it's finally back. Nike Lunar Gato II will be worn again in the courts by the best players of the brand. Let's recall the iconic Nike Tiempo Lunar Gato II.
12 February 2019

Black is Back. New adidas Archetic Pack

adidas has released a new pack that will surely seduce many players since they've brought back the most classic color of football boots in all history: black.
08 January 2019

How to choose your futsal boots

Futsal is continuously evolving and so do all the technologies used in the manufacture of futsal boots. Today we'll talk about soles, midsoles and cuts to purchase the correct futsal boot.
20 December 2018

New SP La Rosa de los Vientos goalkeeper glove collection

If what the Spanish brand has already offered in 2018 wasn't enough, it is finishing the year in the best way possible. The brand SP is presenting a new collection full of power. Dominate the wind with us: Welcome to La Rosa de los Vientos.
14 December 2018
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