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September 5, 2012 - Written by Fernando Ortiz Castillo


Name: Francisco Sedano Antolín.
Nickname: Paco Sedano.
Birth date: December 2, 1979.
Birth city:
Position: Goalkeeper.

  • 27 times international with Spain.
  • International with Spain U-21.
  • Innternational with Spain U-23.
  • 2 Spanish Cups (2011 and 2012).
  • 1 King Cup (2011).
  • 1 UEFA Futsal Cup (2011).
  • 1 World Cup (2004).
  • 1 Euro (2005).
  • Best player Comunidad de Madrid Cup (2004).


  • 1998-1999: Autos García Coslada.
  • 1999-2007: PSG Móstoles.
  • 2007- today: FC Barcelona.

How did you start in the futsal world?

I started at the age of 4 playing with my friends and I would play football and futsal at the same time until I was "juvenil" (15-16 years old) and I had to choose between these two, I actually played in Real Madrid U8, but futsal took me to the Spanish national futsal team and I couldn't keep playing these two sports, I would play in 4 or 5 teams at the same time and I chose futsal. Playing U16 I was playing in Madrid in First Division with a team called Tapizados Muro and then I signed for Deporcoslada where I played First National Division A and then in Silver Division where we got to Play Off positions and the next year I would sign for F.S. Mostoles where I would stay for 7 years and sign for F.C. Barcelona. Yes, my sports life has been pretty intense.

Do you remember your debut in the highest category?

Yes, I do. It was the ideal debut, I was in F.S. Mostoles playing against Astorga and we won 1 - 6, we played a very good game. And I was very happy because in that team, lots of the players would have their debut that year with F.S. Mostoles.

Which are the most important factors in being a goalkeeper?

Every single personal will have their own opinion on this but for me it's the regularity and to be capable of transmitting security to your team mates, even on the worst keeper days, i think these are the most important aspects to a goalkeeper. After that we have the technical aspects, but those can be improved with practice, which I'm talking about are different and harder to improve.

As a goalkeeper you probably have a player who is your nemesis. Who is it?

Only one? I could tell you so many... Starting with Paulo Roberto moving to Wilde or Lenisio, Limones is a player who also scored me tons of goals, and another one who every time I play against him, will score a goal and, we are talking of a player who scores less than Arbeloa, is Carlos Muñoz (Umacon Zaragoza).

Now, let's talk about team mates and coaches you've had in your still short career. Can you name those who had the biggest influence in your career and why?

Juan Pines, was my U16 coach and I learned a lot from him. Tino de la Cruz, gave me a lot a confidence in the Honor Division and thanks to him I am "someone" in futsal. Javier Lozano, I learned a lot because his work was very different to what I would do in Mostoles and Marc Carmona made me sign and trusted me when I was in the worst moment of my career when I was not playing in F.S. Mostoles and he had the guts to count on me for his new project in F.C. Bacrelona. 

We always talk about the phychological aspect with goalkeepers and the influence of it in their perfermance. You think just the same and you work it every day.

Right, it's pretty obvious that a keepers must be psychologically strong, it's a very special place in the pitch because you play or you don't play and you have to be ready in every single moment in case your team needs you, even if your cold or warmed up and give 100% even if you haven't played for a long time, you never know when it's going to be your turn and if you are playing a commit an error you have to stand up and forget it at least for the rest of the game becaus our position carries the biggest responsibility in the good moments and the bad moments.

How is the specific goalkeeper training in a professional team?

I guess it's different in each team but in my personal experience we usually have 2-3 sessions per week plus the workout sessions which is also very specific. I'm aware that not every club works this way but I think it's basic.

Our clients ask a lot of questions in the Soloporteros forums and one is related with the technique used in the double penalties and penalties. It's pretty clear that your technique is different but effective. How do you prepare for it?

When it comes to the double penalties I try to cover the goal as much as possible with the cross figure and for the penalties there are lots of technique or methods like covering always the same side, you will probably block one, choose by intuition, and I choose the one that tries to make the striker nervous by moving a lot and covering one of the sides with a foot. In penalties you have to be very confident on yourself.

You are aware of the troubles this sport is currently experiencing. How do you see it from the security you have playing in a club like Barça?

Everyone playing in this club is aware of the privilege of our situation, but it's not like we are not like we don't care about the current futsal problems, It's actually very close to us with our friends and even family, and we know that we won't be in this club forever and that we will get back to real life some day. It's sad to see this situation but in a crisis like this one all sports are affected, I hope it gets better soon. Now all you can do is hope your club can pay you but what is a fact is that there are meany players thinking on moving to other countries which was unthinkable a few years ago.

F.C. Barcelona is having an incredible trajectory these last seasons, playing all the finals and wining almost everything. This is a team that is making history like Interviu, Playas, Talaver... When will this end?

I think we are still far away from those fantastic teams, they were in the best level for many years, we've only made two very god years and the goal is to keep growing with no limits, I don't want to compare because every team had theirs moment.

Now let's talk about the equipment. I must say that you are not a keeper who is known for wearing shinny protections, but can you tell me the protections you usually use and why?

To be honest, for many years I didn't use any protections, but after lots of wounds I have made up my mind and started to use elbow pads, knee pads and shin pads. I don't really care too much of the shin pads but when it comes to the other two I enjoy using always the same brand which I have used for a long time.

We are getting to the end of this interview. What does Paco Sedano want in a futsal shoe? what does he need to feel good?

My style makes me want to cover a big space in the court and not just the goal area, so I usually move more than other keepers. Plus I like to play a lot with the foot and if, if the game situation allows it, I will play with the foot so I want a shoe that is comfortable when striking and moving.

Now I must ask you a few obligated questions which I ask in every interview. Did you know Soloporteros Futsal? What do you think about it?

I've known Soloporteros for many years, I was surprised the first time because I was missing a specialized store for goalkeepers and I had a bad time trying to find exclusive goalkeeper material in normal stores, and it's a great place for all goalkeepers because you have everything!

And to finish we would like you to dedicate some words to our followers, which I'm sure enjoied the interview.

Big hug to all of you and for those of you who play as a keeper, I know sometimes it can be tough but with hard work and constancy it's very grateful. Kind regards to all those keepers who sometimes feel lonely, we have to stick together and support each other, because only goalkeepers can understand us. Thanks for the interview!

Lanzamientos a bocajarro

A Futsal court:
El Soto de Móstoles y el Palau Blaugrana .

A Futsal shoe:
Munich Gresca Excel.

A Goalkeeper:
Jesús Clavería.

A match to remember:
China-Taipei World Cup final and UEFA Futsal Cup final in Lleida.

A ritual before or during the game:
Wearing the shirt with my doughters photo print.

A coach:
Tino de la Cruz.

A city:
Móstoles, Barcelona.

A meal:
Tortilla de patata (omelette).

A movie:

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