The new Total Black collection by adidas is now available at Futbol Emotion. If you like tradition and blackout boots, this is the perfect collection for you. Also, this collection presents a new look for the Predator 19+.

July 3, 2019 - Written by Bruno Ferreira

As it's perfectly normal in the German brand, adidas presents its latest collection – DARK SCRIPT. This is a new collection that has as a main characteristic the black color. This is a return to tradition which works as an alternative to colorful football boots.


This collection includes the 4 lines of the German brand – Copa, Nemeziz, Predator and X. It also includes the latest generations of adidas and, unlike others, this collection has been massively produced so it can stay for longer in the market, specifically, for 6 months.

The Predator 19+, X19+, Copa 19+ and Nemeziz 19 of the DARK SCRIPT pack by adidas present a blackout colorway. Each one is slightly different and have subtle details so they can be differentiated in the field making for a totally black but interesting design. 

This adidas collection will be worn by the best players of the brand like Messi, Firmino, Salah and Marcelo.

All the models, tiers and soles of this collection will be available at Futbol Emotion. What do you think about this new collection and its blackout look? Leave us a comment below.


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