June 7, 2016 - Written by Carlos Alejandro Royo Trallero

Today is a very important day for all of us. Today is the day Soloporteros disappears. However it is not a sad day, today is the start of a new and exciting period. We were born in 2001 as a company exclusively dedicated to provide material for football goalkeepers. Back then, we could not imagine that 15 years later we would become a global company for football players. What does “global company for football players” mean? It means we commercialise sporting material for footballers, we carry out training for young players and goalkeepers, we have expanded our catalogue with urban clothing and running material to provide you with equipment not only on the pitch but also on the street, during the pre-season… Furthermore we have created a community for football lovers with more than half million subscribers to our Social Media channels.

That is why, we believe the name Soloporteros has lost the meaning Sanchez Broto used to found the company back in 2001. We do not want work just for goalkeepers, we want to be a company that that satisfies every football player´s needs. That is why it is a very important day for us. Soloporteros is now history. Today Fútbol Emotion is born.


And why Fútbol Emotion? First thing you should know is that we are not a common store. We are football players just like you. We enjoy football and it makes us experience happiness, sadness, passion, pain, nervous, effort… All the sensations you feel when playing football. We have thought about a name that summarizes our way to enjoy football and the answer was clear: Fútbol Emotion. Two words easily understood, a simple but very straight up concept of what we should feel when playing football: EMOTION.


We do not want to forget about where we come from, Soloporteros has given us a lot of great moments and we will always be grateful. We have never stop providing goalkeepers with a special treatment… And we never will. Football goalkeepers will have in Fútbol Emotion the largest catalogue of products you can imagine. 


We are about to experience very exciting days and we want to share them with you. We are looking forward to meet you at our stores, at www.futbolemotion.com and our social media channels @Futbol_Emotion 




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Purchase an official product before July 15th and get a free purchase.

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New Futbol Emotion Store

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