adidas Ace 16 // New specific restyling for futsal

The #BeTheDifference launch had as a result a huge revolution in the adidas futsal shoes. A few months later the German brand is presenting some big changes in the ACE line.

05 January 2016 - Written by Fernando Ortiz Castillo

With the #BeTheDifference revolution by adidas, with the launch of the entirely new futsal shoes collection with the Ace, X and Messi, us, futsal players, had to say goodbye to the iconic Topsala, Supersala and Janeirinha models. But now for the beginning of the year adidas has decided to bring another entirely new collection for the ACE line, adapting it to cover the futsal players have when practicing their favorite sport.

adidas has launch this new Ace collection to adapt it to our newwds when playing futsal so we can keep being loyal to the German brand. In the following Post you'll find a full review on this new collection and comparing it to the past one. This is the #freefootball collection.


adidas-ace-16-1-CT (1).jpg

adidas Ace 16.1 CT

This is going to be the TOP end model in the Ace line with the surname 16.1 CT, and some characteristics that we already saw in other two models: Ace 15.1 Boost and Ace 15.1 CT.

adidas-ace-16-1-CT (5).jpg

adidas-ace-16-1-CT (6).jpg

adidas Ace 16.1 CT Toe box area

The upper has suffered a huge modification with a clear goal, to provide a comfortable shoe with excellent touch with the ball. The upper has been built with their new material, PrimeMesh, which figures 3 layers of synthetic leather combined with woven materials which ath the same time offers the shoe beter ventilation. Another new element in this design is the tongue which has been built with Monotongue technology to offer the best possible fit.

adidas-ace-16-1-CT (8).jpg

adidas Ace 16.1 CT - Heel and midsole

The heel counter is an extension of the tongue and has been designed with that tsame woven material to make the Ace 16.1 CT lighter. In the other hand we can see that the midsole features an EVA layer almost in the entire urface of the shoe to provide it with perfect cushioning against all kind of impacts, combined with Boost material only in the heel area with will make for a better energy return.

adidas-ace-16-1-CT (7).jpg

adidas Ace 16.1 CT - outsole

The outsole is another important element of the Ace 16.1 CT which has suffered a big change, with a new design made with a triangular pattern. The outsole is built with a rubber material that offers excellent grip and traction.


adidas-ace-16-2-CT (1).jpg

adidas Ace 16.2 CT

With the new Ace 16.2 CT, the German brand has provided us with a great shoe to replace the iconic Topsala model. The modifications implemened on this model have made for a shoe with some great characteristics.

adidas-ace-16-2-CT (9).jpg

adidas Ace 16.2 CT - Upper

One of the most important changes we can find in this new model is going to be th upper where the Controlskin technology disapears and we get a new material of synthetic leather with a 3D texture that provide th surface with a better touch with the ball as well as good fit.

adidas-ace-16-2-CT (5).jpg

adidas Ace 16.2 CT - Toe box area

adidas-ace-16-2-CT (7).jpg

adidas Ace 16.2 CT - Heel

In the toe box area of the adidas Ace 16.2 CT we can see a classic plastic reinforcement element. The heel area, as well as the tongue, is built with textile material that make the shoe more breatheble and where we will also see the 3 adidas stripes.

adidas-ace-16-2-CT (8).jpg

adidas Ace 16.2 CT - Midsole and outsole

And here we can say, without a doubt, that adidas has done pretty good maintaining the midsole , with the EVA material and the adiPRENE® insertions in the heel area that will provide a better cushioning against impacts and the outsole with "Hi-Grip" technology, that makes for a better traction.


adidas-ace-16-3-CT (1).jpg

adidas Ace 16.3 CT

The Ace 16.3 CT model follows  the same line as the Ace 15.3 CT and obviously the same as the Supersala.  

adidas-ace-16-3-CT (6).jpg

adidas Ace 16.3 CT - Upper

The materials implemented in thee upper of this model is a high quality synthetic leather which combines lightness, comfort and durability. 

adidas-ace-16-3-CT (8).jpg

adidas Ace 16.3 CT - Outsole

Same midsole and outsole as what we saw in the Supersala, which provides good grip and traction.


adidas-ace-16-4-ST (1).jpg

adidas Ace 16.4 ST

And last but not least, the  Ace 16.4 ST, which has not suffered too many modifications comparing to the past model when it comes to the upper, this way offering a shoe closer to the Janeirinha model.

adidas-ace-16-4-ST (5).jpg

adidas Ace 16.4 ST - Toe box area.

This model maintains the same combination of canvas and synthetic leather in the which again reminds us a lot to what we usually had with the Janierinha. This combination of materials make for a better touch with the ball, as well as making it stable and durable.

adidas-ace-16-4-ST (7).jpg  

adidas Ace 16.4 ST - Outsole

The design and materials implemented in the midsole and outsole of the Ace 16.4 ST will prived good sensations when stepping on the ball as well as good traction. 


adidas-ace-16-Q1 (1).jpg

Don't hesitate and go get your new favorite adidas Ace 16 Indoor!

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