New PUMA collection: Invicto, Gavetto and Nevoa Lite 2.0

PUMA is luanching a spectacular and very complete campaing for their three new futsal shoes models: Invicto, Gavetto and Nevoa Lite 2.0. Discover all their secrets!!

30 July 2015 - Written by Fernando Ortiz Castillo

For this 2015-2016 season, the German brand, Puma is presenting 3 new futsal shoe models that will cover all the needs a player can have when searching for a shoe: comfort, lightweight and great touch with the ball.


Full review of the three models, so just keep reading.

Puma-2015-Invicto-Sala (1).jpg

PUMA Invicto Sala

The new PUMA Invicto Sala features as main characteristics, it's comfort and good sensations in contact with the ball thanks to the high quality materials implemented on its design.

Puma-2015-Invicto-Sala (9).jpg

PUMA Invito Sala - Upper

The combination of mesh, suede and leather in the upper make for maximum comfort from the firt moment when using the top end model from PUMA.

Puma-2015-Invicto-Sala (7).jpg

PUMA Invicto Sala - Reinforcement elements and instep

The toe box area of this shoe feature a double reinforcement element to protect it against abrasion. First a suede layer covers in interior and exterior front portion. Plus, they have incorportated a TPU element in the toe box area to make it last longe.

Puma-2015-Invicto-Sala (6).jpg

Puma-2015-Invicto-Sala (5).jpg

PUMA Invicto Sala - midsole and outsole

They implement an EVA layer in the insole making for a perfect cushioning against impacts. In the other hand, the outsole of this PUMA Invicto Sala, has been built with different rubber densities and different pattern designes as well providing good stability in all movements.

Puma-2015-Gavetto-Sala (1).jpg

PUMA Gavetto Sala

Another of the new models, PUMA is presenting is the Gavetto Sala, a mid range model which offers lightweight and durability.

Puma-2015-Gavetto-Sala (5).jpg

PUMA Gavetto Sala - Upper

The PUMA Gavetto Sala combines synthetic leather with a mesh for the upper, making for a light, breathable and durable shoe

Puma-2015-Gavetto-Sala (6).jpg

PUMA Gavetto Sala - Toe box

Plus we also find reinforcement in the front fortion with an extra layer of synthetic leather to protect it agains abrasion.

Puma-2015-Gavetto-Sala (4).jpg

PUMA Gavetto Sala - Outsole

The outsole comes with the same design we find in the Invicto Sala, offering perfect traction and stability in all types of movements.

Puma-2015-Nevoa-Lite-Sala (1).jpg

PUMA Nevoa Lite 2.0

Lightweight and ventilation are the main characteristics of the PUMA Nevoa Lite 2.0, very similar to the Neon Lite 2.0 model of the past season, but with reinforcement elements making for a more stable shoe.

Puma-2015-Nevoa-Lite-Sala (8).jpg

PUMA Nevoa Lite 2.0 - Upper

The use of a combination of synthetic leather and mesh in the upper has as a result a light an breathable shoe, the PUMA Nevoa Lite 2.0 Puma-2015-Nevoa-Lite-Sala (7).jpg

PUMA Nevoa Lite 2.0 - Lateral

Both sides of this shoe are reinforced with synthetic leather to add extra stability to the shoe for all the movement we make in the futsal court.

Puma-2015-Nevoa-Lite-Sala (10).jpg

Puma-2015-Nevoa-Lite-Sala (6).jpg

PUMA Nevoa Lite 2.0 - Midsole and outsole.

Another big characteristic of this model is the design of the midsole and outsole, injecting EVA in the midsole for a perfect cushioning and different rubber sensities in the outsole with a petter that will provide perfect grip and traction to give you the best possible stability in all your movements. Plus it make for a very flexible outsole.


The new PUMA model are now in SOLOPORTEROS.COM!!


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