The boots of Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid
Both his personality and defending (and attacking) skills have entitled Sergio Ramos as a true Real Madrid icon. He remains as a bold player, with enough charisma and skills to play in various positions on the field. When it comes to choosing his work tools, however, Ramos has a preference for the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 -a classic model- that provide the defender with enough security to endeavour in any important aspect of the game.

The Nike Tiempo Legend 7 is a model that can deliver in many aspects of the game and remains as a go to option for many defenders and midfielders (mainly), demosntrating the versatility of this model.

The Tiempo Legend offer a perfect blend between a soft natural touch on the ball (provided by the smooth k-leather of the upper), with enough stability to give all you have got at any given time in the match. So we could say the Real Madrid and Spain national team hasn't chosen this particular model for no reason.

The sole of the Tiempo Legend 7 combines conical and laminated studs, offering a more agressive layout than its predecessors. The ACC "All Conditions Control" guarantee the interior comfortability of the boot, while isolating the foot from adverse weather conditions. All of this, result in a multipurpose tool, that remains loyal to the most important features of classic boots with the incorporation of cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of modern football. 

Enough reasons for the Spain national team defender to remain loyal to this model, becoming one of the flagship players of the american brand.

Here, we introduce you the whole collection of Tiempo Legend boots that Sergio Ramos has worn, so you can choose the colourway you like the most.

The boots formerly worn by Sergio Ramos