What does mixed mean in a pair of Football Boots?

SG (Soft Ground) Natural soft terrains

They’re changeable studs generally made with rigid materials as aluminium or magnesium developed to completely stick in the terrain and get the maximum traction when the support surface is soft.

SG soles have few studs (between 6 and 8) because each of these support points are developed to endure quite a lot of weight. This makes them to completely pierce through the terrain. This way, even though the studs get the traction, we support ourselves with the outsole.

There are two types:

  • Conical studs

    It’s the traditional stud. It guarantees traction in any direction. They’re made with aluminium and can be adjusted to the boot with a screw system.

  • Bladed studs

    At adidas they have received the name of Traxion technology. Each stud is placed depending on the zone we want to have more traction. Outer studs are developed for lateral movements and central studs provide more traction during accelerations, when running or braking.

    Some boot brands combine conical and bladed studs in the same sole to get a traction adapted to any kind of motion.

  • Wet natural grass.
  • Sun-baked natural grass.
  • Artificial grass or earth.
SG outsole