The boots of Luis Suárez

FC Barcelona
Luis Suárez has experimented an uprising escalation in his career ever since he started playing as a kid on the streets until his arrival to Barcelona and followingconfirmation as one of the best strikers worldwide. Thus, adidas has made him the image of their last model released in their football boot catalog: the adidas X, that adapt entirely to the style of play of Luis Suárez.

The Barcelona striker is well-known by his killer instinct towards the goal, his endeavoring in all the aspects of the game, and his scoring ability, as a result of his striking repertoire and his lethal movements inside the box. The kind of influential player towards this boot is manufactured.

The competitive and rebellious striker, Luis Suárez, has the perfect ally in these boots, whose upper is meant to provide a clean surface free of interferences with the ball, and a reactive Sprintframe plate that provides the support Luis Suárez demands in his most aggressive attacking actions. All of it topped off with a Techfit collar for an optimal adjustment and a better lockdown.