Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba

The boots of
Paul Pogba

Manchester United FC

Paul Pogba has become one of the most media players of the moment thanks to several factors. One is undoubtedly his quality in the midfield of Manchester United and the French national team, a physical marvel that helps him recover balls, a fantastic technique and a lethal hitting complete him as a player but there is much more than the simple player of football as Paul Pogba also stands out off the pitch thanks to his charisma and his eccentricities that have gone around the world and with whom he has fallen in love with so many fans.

adidas knew how to see the potential of this player and that is why in 2016 they signed him to be the headliner of the most powerful boot in its collection, its laceless model the adidas ACE Purecontrol. This is how it all started but, a few months after, the German brand decided that the French is a diamond in the rough and that we must make the most of it and with this, exclusive collections have arrived on the market with boots only worn by Pogba, balls, backpacks, jackets... All with the exclusive signature of Paul Pogba.

But by the end of 2017, the brand with the three bands decides to recover the most iconic boot silo in its history, the adidas Predator, and with them Paul Pogba becomes the visible face of this line of boots that give the player a Striking sensation close to that of going barefoot, since on the upper we will not find cords that interfere when we come into contact with the ball.

Knowing all this, if you are French fans, if you are one of those who celebrate even the most insignificant success with a “dab”, if what you are looking for is to give a touch of swag to your game, here are the products with which you can do what. Paul Pogba's boots, sneakers, backpacks, jackets and much more.

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