Glove care

Tips for Glove Maintenance

The first thing to take into account to prevent your gloves from wearing that much is to avoid this 4 situations:

  • 1. The palm gets in contact with the ground during a fall or when supporting ourselves to get up.
  • 2. When putting on a glove, having already put the other on, it grazes against the Velcro.
  • 3. Constantly pulling your socks.
  • 4. Water is, without a doubt, the most deteriorating external agent. It won’t be spotted at first sight like the erosion, but it will affect the glove much more.

To try to extend the life of the glove we explain how to wash it

  • moisten the palms

    Put on the gloves and moisturise the palms under the faucet. Put in each palm a small quantity of glove detergent. If you don’t have detergent, any neutral soap for hands will do, but take into account that this kind of soap contains more aggressive substances for the latex than special glove detergents.

  • Rub the palms
    Rub one palm against the other so the detergent spreads and the friction gets rid of all the dirt adhered to the latex (you can also rub the backhands against each other). Once the dirt is removed it’s convenient to totally eliminate the detergent from the glove. Now soak and drip the gloves until the water expelled from it is completely clear, without neither detergent nor dirt. You can drip the gloves without fear of breaking them or tearing the seams since they’re resistant enough. Besides, it’s important to remove the most water as possible in order to shorten the drying time (if the glove has detachable protections it’s better to remove them before carrying out this step).
  • Dry the glove

    Now is the moment to dry the gloves. This is, without a doubt, the most delicate and important step to prevent the glove from wearing as much as possible. To achieve a perfect dry you need to:

    - Put inside the glove some newspaper pages (newspaper is very absorbent and will help to dry as quickly as possible the inside of the gloves).

    - Hang the gloves in a dry, ventilated place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

  • Put the glove away

    Once we know the glove is completely dry you must keep it in a way so it goes unharmed for long periods of time. Latex sticks to itself, so the thumb needs to be protected since, as it’s usually folded, it tends to stick to the palm. The best way of doing this is to cut a paper that will work as a barrier between the thumb and the palm.