Football Glove Cuts

Corte Flat

This is the most traditional cut. It provides a proper adjustment and a wide latex surface exposed to the contact with the ball. Despite the current variety of cuts, it is still the most demanded either by amateur and professional goalkeepers.

  • Balance between fit, comfort and latex surface.
  • Lower latex erosion compared to other cuts because of its limited tension.
  • No latex in the laterals of the fingers.
  • Low technicality of the cut.
Flat cut glove

Negative Cut

This cut has the seams on the inside. It does lose a little bit of latex surface but provides the maximum adjustment in order to transform the glove into a second skin. It’s maybe the most technical cut since it’s so close-fitted that provides the maximum sensation of contact with the ball. This makes easier for goalies with a better blocking technique to get a total contact of the ball. However, if their technique is not the most appropiate, as the latex surface exposed to the ball isn’t that wide, the blocking can be affected. The negative cut can be done either with textile in the laterals or with latex in the laterals.

  • Perfect adjustment. The glove and the hand feel like a single body.
  • Maximum sensitivity when blocking.
  • Elevated latex erosion because of the tension with which the glove adjusts to the hand.
  • Not very sturdy.
Negative cut glove

Rollfinger cut

This cut wraps the fingers in latex. The sensations are opposed to those of the negative cut. The latex surface in contact with the ball is larger and provides much more cushioning since, even though the thickness is the same, it isn’t as tight and, consequently, has more padding. However, the sensation of contact with the ball is not that much for this very same reason, because the tension of the latex is quite low. Just like the negative cut, it has some variations:

    • Maximum latex surface in those areas that take part in blockings.
    • Its high quantity of latex provides sturdiness and cushions the ball.
  • Limits the freedom of movement of the fingers.
  • Poor sensitivity when blocking.
Rollfinger cut glove

Grip 3 cut

Exclusive Nike cut that wraps the inside of the index and pinky fingers with latex in order to increase the contact surface of the outer fingers of the hand.

Grip 3 cut glove


Latex thimble in the fingertips to get more adjustment. It’s mainly applied in the rollfinger cut but some brands, like adidas, have also applied it to the flat cut.

Rollfingertip cut glove