Types of wrist closure

Fastening anchor points

  • One mooring wrist strap

    Strap with one mooring

    When the closure strap only has one contact point with the wristband’s Velcro. Normally, it’s applied to low tier, kid and replica gloves. However, some top tiers use this closure type like the first MGC of HO.

  • Two moorings wristband

    Strap with one mooring

    In this case, the closure strap has two contact points with the Velcro of the wristband. Just like the elastic wristband is the most used, this closure type is the most classic one. It’s usual to see it combined with an elastic wristband.

  • Wristband two strips of a mooring

    Two fastening straps

    In this case, there are two fastening straps that are closed against the same point, normally in the backhand of the glove. This is a very useful closure for gloves with latex extending up to the wrist.