Material for Boot Cuts

There’s a wide variety of materials which brands use for the manufacture of this boot section. The most used are:


Leather provides comfort and fit. It’s mostly used for top-tier models. There’s only one con: the boot needs constant care for a good maintenance. We recommend to apply polishing balm and, above all, not to leave them wet after uses. We also recommend to put lasts inside them to keep their shape.

    • Comfort and perfect fit from the first use.
    • Total sensation of contact with the ball and greater precision in hitting.
    • They need maintenance to maintain their qualities.
    • They are usually heavier than synthetic shoes.



    Sometimes called polyurethane or PU. At first sight it might seem leather, but if we analyse the material throughly we’ll see it’s synthetic. Resistance is its main feature, so this kind of boots endure erosion well. It doesn’t feel as skin but they provide a good fit as well as more resistance to erosion. This kind of material has greatly evolved, the first materials that were used looked quite a lot like plastic but nowadays we can find synthetic materials that have a leather look alike on the market.
  • Resistance to erosion and gashes.
  • Lightness.