Types of palms

High, medium and low range

  • Top tier

    All top-tier palms have natural latex as main component. This is a very delicate latex although it owns the maximum grip and cushioning properties. Each brand includes different percentages of natural and synthetic latex mixed together in their top-tier palms. However, they always have a higher percentage of natural latex. In some cases, the brands include dissolved substances in the latex to try to potentiate any special quality of the palm. For example, some years ago, adidas released to the market the Titanium palm, composed of natural latex and carbon fibers or kevlar dissolved in the latex in order to improve the resistance of the palm to erosion.

  • GMid Tier

    The percentage of natural and synthetic latex is more balanced in the mid tier. This is the widest range since it comprises two varieties: the MID/TOP tier where the natural latex is higher or on the same level as the synthetic latex. Until not very long ago, this was the best tier to compete, but now, other palms with more grip have been released even though they sacrifice a bit of the excellent duration of the Supersoft palm. In the MID/LOW tier, synthetic latex is higher than natural latex with a combination of more or less 75% natural and 25% synthtic latex. In dry conditions, the grip and cushioning are similar to those of the top tier, but in wet conditions the grip is a little lower. Synthetic latex has a minor water uptake capacity so there’s more of a chance of aquaplaning between the latex and the ball. However, the resistance to abrasion will be higher than in the top tier since synthetic latex is more resistant than natural latex.

  • Low Tier

    In this tier the natural latex is almost nonexistent or the palm can even be completely made out of synthetic latex. Synthetic latex has worse grip and cushioning properties, especially in wet conditions. However, it has a very elevated resistance to erosion.

    A good way of finding out the quality of the latex and the quantity of synthetic and natural latex of the glove is to look at the water absorption of the palm. If we pour some water over natural latex, it will be quickly absorbed. If we pour water in a glove with a mix of natural and synthetic latex, it will absorb slower. And if we do the same in an all-synthetic-latex palm, the water will barely be absorbed and will spread over the palm.

Brand High-end Mid/High range Mid/Basic Range Basic Pack
UHLSPORT Absolutgrip
Supersoft Soft Grip Hardground
REUSCH G1 - M1 - X1
Supersoft Soft Grip D1 - R1
SP Q-Block
Mediumsoft Hardground Extra-Hardground
ADIDAS E9S - - Hardground
NIKE Vapor Grip 3 - Grip 3 -