Synthetic boot care

Tips for the maintenance of synthetic Boots

Synthetic materials don’t need that much care to protect them against external agents. Synthetic boots can be improved by uses since the tension and bending applied to their materials end up by softening them.

Basic Maintenance of a Football Boot

  • internal lasts

    Put a last inside so the shoes won’t lose their shape and the material keeps the tension in the time the boot is in the bag (sometimes with quite some weight over it), in the locker or at home. You can easily find lasts in any shoemaker store, they aren’t very expensive and they can be used with many boot models. This is an element that shouldn’t be missing in any footballer’s wardrobe. There are lasts of different materials and they’re classified by sizes.

  • Remove moisture

    Dry moisture up to prevent them from rotting. Once we arrive from playing it’s very important to dry the boots up outside and inside in case it has rained. Even if it hasn’t rained, just the foot sweat can cause moisture. The best thing to do is to take the insole off the shoe (in case it isn’t glued to the sole) and do the following:

    - If it hasn’t rained: leave them on a ventilated place and protected from sunlight with the lasts inside.

    - If it has rained: put newspapers inside so they can absorb water quickly, (approximately a day and a half) then take the paper off the boots and put the lasts inside.