Design of the Boots

This is the design of the lines of the sole. There are some lines usually set almost for all models that each brand adapts. These are some of these lines:

  • Pivot point

    Pivoting Point

    It’s the circle normally placed in the forefoot which allows to make turns without forcing the joints. Some brands, according to their own research, include more of these circles in the sole but they’re more usual in the forefoot where we usually support the foot to twist.

  • Bending axes

    Flexing Axis

    The brands call this element with different names but, at the end, they’re all grooves in the sole in those areas where the boot tends to flex. They help us to progressively support and also adapt the intensity of this support. They also help to keep stability.

  • Grip zone

    Grip Area

    This is the widest area of the sole and the one which is the more in contact with the ground. In this zone, the designs of the brands vary quite much. There are hive or herringbone designs and even brands who include both of these designs in different areas depending on the kind of supports the zone is going to experience. They all seek to have a lot of contact surface with the ground to propel ourselves when we most need grip.