Goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves

Glove material guide

Football gloves are the main tools of any goalkeeper, that’s why we need to think about a few aspects before choosing a model:

  • In what kind of terrain are we going to use them?

    The type of terrain where the glove is going to be used can affect its duration. The higher the grip of the palm, the less resistance to erosion and washes. If you mostly play on artificial grass, a glove with a top-tier latex will suffer more wear. However, during its useful life, its grip will be excellent.

  • How are we going to use it?

    Its use is obvious: to stop balls. However, when choosing a glove it’s important to know if we’re going to use it only during matches or if we’re going to train with it. The erosion a glove experiences during one training session is the same as in five or six matches. If you want a glove model for training sessions and another for matches we recommend you to pick each of them with a different palm type. A glove with a mid/low-tier palm to train and the same glove with a top-tier palm to play is a recommended choice. This way, you’ll lengthen the efficiency of both glove pairs.

  • 3. What kind of glove would suit me better?

    Once you’ve chosen the tier (training, competition, etc) you need to decide what kind of glove provides you the better sensations.

Not all gloves are the same: the sturdiness level and materials of the backhand and the wristband make two gloves of the same quality to offer completely different sensations to the same goalkeeper. The cut of the glove (flat, rollfinger or negative) is a decisive factor here. It’s also important to indicate a cut isn’t better than another, each one of them have their own properties that will adapt accordingly to the needs of each player.

Once these three aspects are clear, you need to take into account that the only thing between your hand and the ball in each action is the ball. The final decision is defined by the answer to these previous questions.

The backhand is an important element if you value ventilation and you look for protection with a good sturdiness level. El dorso es un componente importante si valoras mucho la transpiración, buscas protección valoras el nivel de armado. The wristband and closure system are each day more important. On the left column, you can see the main characteristics of these elements.