Futsal/Indoor boots

Futsal/Indoor boots

Futsal Boot guide

These last years, futsal shoes have hugely evolved and now we’ve got a great variety of models when choosing a futsal boot in order to meet every player’s needs. This sport can be practised in a number of surfaces, either indoors or outdoors, and that’s why sport brands have realised that is convenient to adapt shoes to every player and type of terrain (parquet, rubber, concrete). That’s why you should analyse some aspects before purchasing a pair of futsal boots.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Do I play indoors or outdoors? In what kind of surface?
  • What kind of shoe adapts better to my playstyle?
  • What pros and cons have leather and synthetic boots?
  • Besides the price… what differences are there between a top-tier boot and the rest of tiers?
  • The sizing of some boots appears in US, UK and EU. How do I know the differences among these sizes? 

You can solve all these questions by reading our football boot guide. If you still have trouble making a choice, contact us via phone or email so we can help you. At Futbol Emotion we’re gear experts and have tried all our products.